Wondershare Filmora – How to Download and Install Filmora Offline for Free


Wondershare Filmora just released version 10 of filmora called Filmora X with many new amazing features like motion tracking, keyframe animations. The new Filmora X looks exactly like Filmora 9, there is no interface deference between Filmora x and Filmora 9.

Wondershare filmora is the best video editing software for beginners and normal users who want to create video for their social networks or just for fun. In Filmora, almost all of the important tools are available for basic video editing needs, such as trimming, multitrack editing, audio editing, color correction, title and bottom third customization, effects, elements, split screen and advanced features like motion tracking, keyframe animation. , etc.

The best part about filmora is that you don’t need a high performance system to run this software, but for better performance and better editing experience, I suggest you use at least 8GB of RAM. For the best video editing experience, you also need a graphics card.

This video is a complete course of Filmora X and also applies to Filmora 9 users. We are going to learn pretty much everything, all the tools and options available in filmora x.

Maybe no one would know the video editor Filmoara, which was number one in video editing software. When it comes to video editing, Wondershare Filmora is the most popular video editing software. It can be used both on a computer and on mobile devices, but the real fun of editing videos in Filmora comes on the computer. Let us know through the article how to use Filmoara video editor.

Filmora is very useful for video editing because it is easy to use. You can easily use it in any operating system. Most are used to create videos for YouTube channels. If you want to edit wedding videos, this is the best software for you.

How to edit video with Filmora Video Editor?

To use filmora video editing software, you need to download it by visiting Wondershare Filmora official website. After which it will need to be installed. filmora is paid software, but it can be used free of charge for 30 days. Also, you can use some features for a lifetime. Click on the given link to install the software.

Download Filmora

Step 1. First of all, you need to open Software ko. After which 2 options will appear in front of you. You must choose “Full mode”.

Step 2. After opening Filmora full mode, you need to go to video editing option. Follow the steps we give you to edit the video.

Import → To use this option, you must first select the video. First, you select the video edit. Just select any video from your folder and import it into the frame.

2. Music → If you want to add music to the video, click the Add button.

3. Use this option to write text on Text / Credit → Video. In this you will get many text effects.

4. Transitions → This option allows you to put the Transitions effect in the video. It will make the video look beautiful.

5. Filters → This also to put some kind of hai video effect. the effect, select it and leave it above the video.

6. Overplays → You can choose the overplays effect to make the video look attractive.

7. Elements → This is a new effect. What is not in other editing software. Using this, you can put different kinds of cartoon pictures into it.

8. Split Screen → This option is used in a very fun way. It is used to join two videos in an exciting way.

9. Divide (Ctrl + B) → This option is used to cut the video.

10. Video, photos, etc. are placed on Video track → Track. It sort of acts like a diaper.

11. Effect track → Used to apply an effect below the video track.

12. Everything can be written on the video via the text track → Text Effect.

13. Music track → Used to add an additional song to the video. It is also used to add multiple audio files.

14. Export → This is a very useful and important option. After video editing, the video is saved by clicking on EXPORT options

How do I save after video editing is complete?

Finally, when a video you have prepared is edited, click EXPORT. The box will open in front of you. Select the location and save the video in MP4, WMV format.

How to sign up for Wondershare Filmora free download

1). First of all, download the filmora x software to your computer or laptop from the official filmora website. You can also download from the link below. (If you have an older version of filmora, update it.)

2). Now install it on your computer and open it.

Filmora Wondershare

3). To check the activation after opening Filmora, go to the help and click on Activate Wondershare Filmora X. If the activation success is not written, there is nothing more to worry about, how to activate .

4). Go to the link below and download the patch file.

Download Filmora

5). After downloading this file, extract it from WinRAR as it will be in WinRAR format.


6). After extracting, open the patch file, there will be 3 files, copy them. Now go to the location mentioned below and paste it.

Drive (C)> Program Files> Wondershare> Wondershare Filmora


7) If you ask to replace here, replace all three files. Just filmora has been activated successfully.


8). Now open the filmora software again and access the help again to check if your license has been activated or not. This way you can use filmora for free, without watermark.


Now you can use the premium version of filmora for free, so friends, if you have any questions, ask in the comment below.

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