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A woman, who landed in police custody for attacking and forcibly ripping off a gold chain from a mobile phone shop, is now charged with several street robberies and shoplifting in Manama and Muharraq.

Incidents leading to the breakthrough began when police launched an investigation into a reported chain robbery incident in Busaiteen. The victim, an employee of a mobile phone shop in Busaiteen, reported to police that an unknown woman attacked him and snatched his gold chain before fleeing the shop.

Investigators have found that the crime bears all the hallmarks of similar incidents in the governorates of Muharraq and the capital. Based on further investigation, the police also concluded that the same person was behind all the attacks.

The police also managed to catch the suspect while he was committing a crime in the Isa Town area. However, when the prosecution confronted the woman with the evidence gathered, she denied any knowledge of the incident and denied all charges against her.

The woman also claimed she was not in Bahrain when investigators claimed the crime took place. The victim told the court that the woman entered his store and asked him to speak to his neighbors on the phone, as she could not understand what he was saying in a foreign language.

“But, I refused.” “Then, she leapt towards me and grabbed me forcefully, leaving me helpless, and ripped off my gold chain before jumping up and running away in a jiffy.” Investigators found the suspect had committed multiple robberies by stopping cars on the streets and asking for a lift.

The Fourth Criminal Court adjourned the hearing in the case until Wednesday. The court also ordered to submit a response statement to the suspect’s attorney. The woman will remain in custody.


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