With a training package of $ 30, obtain a certification in Java programming


The title of “programmer” casts a wide net. You can work out numbers as a data analyst, polish a large company’s website, or design games that will capture the imagination of the next generation.

Looking to learn to code in Java? This popular programming language is an industry standard and works on all different platforms, from Mac and Windows to Linux and Raspberry Pi. It is used around the world, making it a great skill set for anyone who wants a career in coding.

The skill set for each of these jobs is completely different, but they probably all have one thing in common: Java.

You’ll earn your place at the table of top coders when you learn about the Premium Java Programming Certification Pack, available now for just $ 30.

You’ll start with Java: A Comprehensive ZERO Tutorial during JDBC 2021, which is led by Oracle Certified Java Programmer and Instructor Lawrence Decamora. This covers fundamentals such as using an integrated development environment.

This collection of eight courses covers the basic concepts of the language and offers 600 comprehensive lessons that take you quickly from beginner to advanced level. These expert-led guides boast stellar reviews for their instructor’s in-depth demonstrations and engaging teaching styles.

From there, build your own GUI-based desktop application and learn how to use JCDC (Java Database Connectivity). You will deepen your knowledge with information about object-oriented programming, classes and objects, data types and more.

Once you’ve got the basics, you can move on to building apps. Learn how to design your own Android app, from mastering the Android interface to creating professional user interfaces.

The lessons will help you assimilate clean coding principles that are relevant beyond Java (think: Python and C #). The best way to reinforce any new skill is to engage with practical and relevant examples, which you will do in a project-based course; complete seven projects and 50 coding exercises throughout the lessons.

Not only does the course set prepare you to become a great Java programmer, it also includes content that will help you succeed in your next job interview. Learn the most frequently asked interview questions on Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Spotify, and be ready to resolve issues quickly by practicing with examples and hands-on activities.

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  • With a training package of $ 30, obtain a certification in Java programming
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