Why pass the bank details when applying for a loan?




Online personal loan is a quick and practical way of getting extra money to meet your needs. Whether it is to take a trip, open your own business or even to clear debts and get out of the way, making this kind of loan has been a great option for many people.

However, when making your personal loan application online, you need to pay attention to some data requested by the financials. The information may change according to each company, however, some of them are common to all, such as RG, CPF and bank account data.

Yes, account details are very important for the analysis of your loan application. And for you to understand why, we will explain the reasons for requesting this information. That way, you’re more relaxed about reporting such sensitive data over the internet! Come on?

More security for you and the financial

The first reason the account data is requested is to ensure security for both the borrower and the borrower. This is because the data entered are crossed with those registered at the bank so that it is guaranteed that the account belongs to even the person who is applying for the loan.

This ensures that you do not end up in fraud, with a third party providing your data instead of your own, and assures the financial partner that the information you are reviewing is the same as who is applying for the loan.

Serves to carry out the credit analysis

Serves to carry out the credit analysis

It is important for the financial person to know that the data is the same as the requestor because this information is one of the most important when doing the credit analysis. A credit analysis is a very relevant step to tell you whether or not your request has been approved for the loan.

From an assessment of your account history, the financier will be able to see if you are a good payer and will be able to pay the amount of the installments according to the amount you borrowed.

In addition, account data adds up to your credit score, which is the financial market’s score to you according to your payment history and other information to represent your financial reputation.

We did not make any bank transactions

As stated earlier, we only use to verify and check your data to expedite the process of analyzing your request. We do not have access to your transaction authorization password nor are we allowed to make any bank transaction with the data of internet banking informed.

Avoid bureaucracy

Avoid bureaucracy

By entering your bank details, we’ve been able to review your account history, so we do not need to ask you to send us a bank statement at the time of your request. This way, you get faster in the analysis of the request and we can remove the bureaucracies that you find in traditional institutions.

Extract data is safely stored

Finally, your account password data is not stored or disclosed and only serves the financial viewer of your transaction history. That way, your privacy is guaranteed and you can rest easy when providing your account details.

Of course, it is important to look for a serious and recognized bank or financial correspondent in the market. Search for your business name on Google before you apply for a loan. It is also interesting to check out what other people who have already taken out a personal loan with her found the service.


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