What is your region’s plan to recover from pandemic school disruptions?


Note: We did not receive a response from the Ontario Ministry of Education. A provincial election campaign began on May 4 and the Progressive Conservative Party was re-elected on June 2. The information below reflects the government’s previously pledged education funding for 2022-23 and its Learning Recovery Plan, announced in February 2022.

What is your plan to combat learning loss?

Ontario’s plan aims to address the impact of the pandemic on students by investing in four areas: assessment, tutoring, resilience and mental well-being, and numeracy and literacy.

How much is going to the recovery plan and how will it be allocated?

In February 2022, the ministry announced $176 million to expand tutoring supports, including $175 million for the immediate use of school boards to implement programs through December 2022. Mandated to be in place d By April 1, 2022, these programs could be during, before or after school hours and take place during the summer and/or are offered by local organizations. Funding has also been pledged to expand online math and reading tutoring services from Mathify and Eureka.

The ministry announced an additional $10 million for student resilience and mental well-being, with a plan to launch consultations in the summer of 2022 to develop a collaborative provincial student mental health strategy. with the Ministry of Health. Of this funding, $5 million has been allocated to evidence-based programs and resources.

Ontario has committed $40 million to support math and reading learning, including $25 million for reading assessment and intervention programs for struggling readers. It planned to expand existing summer learning programs with $10 million for students with special needs, $130,000 for provincial and demonstration schools, and $5 million for third-party programs. School board summer learning programs for First Nations students living on reserve were to receive $120,000 for 2022 and 2023, and Eureka was to get $100,000 to develop virtual summer programs in French.

How do you meet other student needs?

The mental health components of the recovery plan include reviewing mandatory professional development in mental health and exploring a possible graduation requirement on resiliency and mental wellness.

The department also announced a $304 million time-limited staffing support fund. This would be used to hire teachers, early childhood educators and other workers to provide learning recovery as well as staff to implement downgraded grade 9, special educational needs, distance learning ( a required option for the 2022-2023 school year) and improved cleaning.

Restoring learning has also been flagged as a priority area for Ontario’s three mandatory professional activity days for educators in the upcoming school year.

How have you monitored the impact on students?


What assessments have taken place?

After a hiatus during the pandemic, Ontario planned to resume provincial EQAO testing in grades 3 and 6 in the spring of 2022. Results were expected in the fall of 2022, when the ministry aimed to engage EQAO officials. education, education experts and at-risk communities to identify interventions and set goals for improvement.


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