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It’s your birthday. Generally, you have nothing planned. The ideal thing your partner can do is:

A Run yourself a bath, sit and chat until the water cools / you fall asleep (whichever comes first).
B Wake up at 5:20 a.m. to shampoo the carpets, of course.
VS Taking you to the movies with the sole intention of canood in the back row like teenagers.
D Give yourself a handmade card.
E Ask all your family and friends to send short video messages to wish you a happy birthday.

You think you sprained your ankle. How can your partner best help you?

A Leaving work early to wait with you for hours in A&E with a puzzle book purchased from the hospital shop.
B Bring your parcels to the post office.
VS Ice your leg for the duration of Lawrence of Arabia.
D Make yourself a playlist while you’re stuck on the couch, then order takeout.
E Dispel your fears that you’re no fun to be around, even though you definitely aren’t.

You are on summer vacation. You arrive at the so-called glampsite to realize that rain is forecast. Now what?

A Your partner watches the entire conversations with friends on your iPhone with you inside the tent, without complaining.
B Upon realizing you forgot the brolly, your partner goes to the local town (in the rain) to pick one up.
VS Using a YouTube tutorial, your partner unties your back until the rain stops.
D They present you with a Cag-in-a-Bag because they bothered to check out the weather app.
E Rather than blaming you for booking a camping holiday in April, they insist they’re having a wonderful time.

Your cat dies. You are heartbroken. How can your partner cheer you up?

A Organize a funeral service, just for the two of you. There is even a vigil.
B Take care of insurance claim and vet bills without bothering you.
VS Hold hands throughout the “serve.”
D Print out a picture of you with your cat and hang it on the bathroom wall.
E Months after the event, you’re still texting each week to check in on you.

You return home after a busy weekend with friends. What is the ideal scenario when you walk through the door?

A Your partner makes you a cup of tea while you regale him with insane stories about what so and so did after 14 hits.
B Water, painkillers and a dinner of complex carbohydrates.
VS Several hugs.
D When you get home, you find that they have replaced your dead houseplants with living ones.
E They compensate for your “prangover” paranoia by reassuring you that you didn’t make a fool of yourself (you absolutely did).

Interpretation of your answers

Mainly like: you need quality time

Mostly B’s: you need acts of service

Mostly Cs: you need physical contact

Especially D’s: you need To receive presents

Especially Es: you need words of affirmation


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