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Westbank First Nation (WFN) announced a new program that will help revitalize the Okanagan language.

Launched on September 30, the online language tutorial series will focus on teaching nsyilxcÉ™n. WFN received $ 100,000 from the First Peoples’ Cultural Council as part of its Pathways to Language Vitality program.

The funding helped produce study materials, an immersion program, and community collaboration.

The program was originally intended to be a series of in-person lessons, but the program has been reworked into an online series for safety.

WFN advisor Jordan Coble and Okanagan Nation Alliance member Levi Brent co-created the series, which is spread across 45 video tutorials.

“Our language is in danger and people for generations have worked to keep our language, our identity, our source of who we are, alive. As new tools are provided, we need to adapt to spark the interest of our people to engage in our language and experience the joy it brings, ”Coble said.

“We just hope this resource can help spark your interest by creating a safe space and allowing you to control your learning pace and hopefully learn a little while having fun.”

Students of the course can browse the material at their own pace and they will still have access to lessons and other learning resources.

The course is open to anyone wishing to learn and revitalize nsyilxcən, including members of the Syilx Nation, as well as guests.

The website will also contain information about the nsyilxcən language, other language learning opportunities and additional sources.

The Syilx Language House and the En’owkin Center both offer language courses. UBCO, in partnership with the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology and the En’owkin Center, now offers a four-year nsyilxcÉ™n language proficiency program.

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