US Artist ‘Dooley’ Gives Tutorial on COVID Rapid Test During Taiwan Quarantine | Taiwan News


Matthew Candler presents an instructional video on the rapid antigen test. (YouTube, 杜 力 Dooley screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A popular TV personality in Taiwan has created an instructional video on how to use a rapid COVID-19 test.

American artist and entrepreneur Matthew Candler, who goes by the stage name “Dooley” (杜 力), posted a step-by-step guide to rapid antigen testing on Tuesday, August 10. Candler told Taiwan News he had recently returned from the United States, where he was fully vaccinated, and shot the video as a public service as he neared the end of his quarantine at the end of his life. last month.

In the video, Candler said he was on day 10 of his quarantine and pointed out that the Taiwanese government requires people in quarantine to take a rapid self-antigen test between days 10 and 12 after arrival. He said the results should be sent to a representative of the Foreign Affairs Police Department, which checks foreign nationals in quarantine on a daily basis.

When Candler first inspected the test kit, he quickly realized that it did not contain any instructions in English, prompting him to create a video to explain the process to future foreign arrivals. He began by listing the items found in the kit, including an aluminum package containing the test cartridge, a test vial with solution and drip stopper, a sterile cotton swab, a disposable ziplock bag, and a manual for the test. ‘usage, which is only available in Chinese.

US artist 'Dooley' gives tutorial on COVID rapid test during Taiwan quarantine
Candlestick inserting a cotton swab into the nostril. (YouTube, 杜 力 Dooley screenshot)

To treat

  1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
  2. Unpack the test cartridge and place it on a flat surface
  3. Remove the vial cover from the test tube and place it over the hole on the back of the antigen test box
  4. Use a tissue to clean the nasal passages
  5. Take the cotton swab out of the packaging
  6. Tilt the head back 70 degrees, insert the swab into the back of the nostril and twist the swab five times
  7. Repeat the process in the other nostril
  8. Insert the swab into the vial with liquid and leave to act for at least one minute
  9. Rotate the swab while squeezing the bottom of the vial
  10. Remove the cotton swab and place it in a ziplock bag
  11. Screw the drip cap onto the bottle
  12. Place three to five drops from the vial onto the test cartridge
  13. Wait 15 minutes
  14. Place the original lid on the test vial and seal it in a ziplock bag
  15. View test results on the test cartridge
  16. Refer to the instruction manual to determine if the result was positive, negative, or invalid
  17. Immediately report results to FAPDR

US artist 'Dooley' gives tutorial on COVID rapid test during Taiwan quarantine
Candler wincing in pain after carefully rubbing both nostrils. (YouTube, 杜 力 Dooley screenshot)

Candler has said he will begin serving as the host on the TV show “Help Lima”(Lima 幫 幫忙) on Indigenous Taiwan Television (TITV). He said the concept of the show is to “educate people about stereotypes that exist in Taiwan” in order to dispel them.

He said he expects the show to air in mid-September and air Thursdays and Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

US artist 'Dooley' gives tutorial on COVID rapid test during Taiwan quarantine
Candler dripping from the contents of the vial onto the test cartridge. (YouTube, 杜 力 Dooley screenshot)

US artist 'Dooley' gives tutorial on COVID rapid test during Taiwan quarantine
Test cartridge showing a negative result. (YouTube, 杜 力 Dooley screenshot)


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