UNHCR Romania: Update on the refugee situation in Ukraine, Update #13, 10-16 September 2022 – Romania



Key figures

82,241 refugees
currently in Romania (as of September 15, 2022)
68,695 refugees
registered for temporary protection in Romania (as of September 15, 2022)
18,836 refugees
supported by multipurpose cash assistance.
37,735 refugees
receive information and advice in person or by telephone
12,674 refugees
supported to travel to Romania from Ukraine-Moldova border through expedited transfers

Strong points

UNHCR has pre-positioned more than forty types of basic relief materials to continue supporting the national response, including foreseeable additional needs related to the winter season. UNHCR is working closely with the Department of Emergency Situations (DSU) and UN agencies to ensure a coordinated and harmonized response.

UNHCR in Romania undertook a comprehensive two-day stocktaking exercise with the presence of field offices and units of the operation, to review areas of engagement and explore ways to increase support to the national and local response related to the inclusion of refugees in social programs and economic zones.

In the same vein, the Inter-Agency Coordination Forum is in the process of finalizing the recalibration exercise of the Refugee Response Plan (RRP), in order to ensure better links with the national plan of measures of the Romanian government on the protection and inclusion of refugees from Ukraine and to highlight moving (gradually) from the acute emergency phase to a sustained response by paying due attention to the socio-economic inclusion of refugees of Ukraine in national systems.

More than 300 Ukrainian refugees benefit daily from various services at the RomExpo UNHCR site by UNHCR, government institutions and partners. There has been an increase in inquiries received from people with disabilities approaching the RomExpo protection office, both in terms of the need for equipment as well as post-operative treatment and general assistance for the elderly. UNHCR has been liaising with NGOs Autism Voice and Motivation which have been actively assisting people with disabilities since the start of the crisis.

UNHCR partner Ateliers Sans Frontières (ASF) has started providing support to refugees to access the labor market, as well as Romanian language lessons. ASF will also work with other service providers at UNHCR’s RomExpo site to build awareness about the Employment Support Services office and ensure that cash assistance tables contain the necessary information on employment assistance services. ASF’s activities will further strengthen UNHCR’s livelihoods program in Romania.

Following discussions with the Directorate of the Employment Agency in Braila (in southern Romania, near the border with Moldova and Ukraine), UNHCR’s implementing partner, CNRR, will facilitate advice on registering for the services provided by the Employment Agency for Refugees in Braila.

UNHCR co-facilitated an information meeting organized by Frontex in Timisoara for more than 30 Frontex border police officers. UNHCR’s presentation focused on the asylum procedure in Romania and international standards for supporting vulnerable asylum seekers at the border.

UNHCR is grateful to donors for un-earmarked and lightly-earmarked contributions to the situation in Ukraine. UNHCR Romania is also grateful to donors contributing to its 2022 programmes. For more details: https://reporting.unhcr.org/romania-funding-2022


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