This crime drama is the # 1 movie on Netflix today


The large amount of content on Netflix allows lesser-known movies and series to attract a large number of subscribers, especially when grouped together across multiple territories. This trend seems to be the case for The fortress, a French crime drama that is currently doing very well on the streaming platform, where its combined international points make it sit at the top of the general rankings, beating the likes of the new version Kate and classics like Man on fire.

Based on a true story, this film directed by Cédric Jimenez features three Marseille cops working in the BAC North force, a group specializing in narcotics. Frustrated at having to work on low-level affairs, their lives change when their boss allows them to trade a significant amount of cannabis for a valuable tip from an informant. As you might expect, things are not going as well as the team might have hoped.

the fortress

Why, then, has The fortress had such an impact on Netflix audiences? One answer may be the success of real crime and French drama on the platform, including the recent Lupine, as well as good word of mouth for his action sequences and character development. Other crime-themed productions such as Click bait have also made a good impression with viewers this year, while stars like Jason Statham are still reliable draws for the service.

Looking at the full list of today’s top ten, one notices how much action or crime thrillers currently dominate the charts, including Liam Neeson’s. The sniper and Denzel Washington with Equalizer 2. Continue what we hear about The Bastion, so, it seems like this one is definitely worth watching, especially if you are a fan of foreign language genre films made with style and lots of effective sets.


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