This Chennai woman runs a rehabilitation institute for children with learning disabilities



Suganya Kandasamy runs a rehabilitation center in Chennai Triplicane for young people with learning disabilities. Due to social stigma and an expensive school system, these children from low-income families generally do not develop a positive outlook on the world. Suganya helped them by providing free speech therapy, special education, and counseling for parents and teachers.

“I have always liked being around children. I worked in the bank, but I was never satisfied. After my father died eight years ago, I decided to quit my job and enroll in a special education and sign language school so that I could devote my time to these children, “said Suganya at the New Indian Express.

Suganya, the daughter of a fisherman, is the breadwinner and she claims that all the money she receives from her lessons goes to support her mother and the institution.

“There are about 50 kids in the class. I don’t charge poor kids, but I charge a small supplement of 200 per session for those who can afford it. These lessons usually cost between 800 and 1,200 per session. Despite this, I will not increase the fees, ”Suganya said.

Speech processing is crucial

The early discovery of a delay in the development of communication is essential. Yet it is unusual among the poor as most of them are unaware of the problem and lack the resources to deal with it. Early language intervention is essential for children to develop communication skills. Suganya emphasizes the importance of speech processing, explaining that the earlier a child receives support, the better their language outcomes.

“Many parents are afraid for the future of their children. In the future, she hopes to build a vocational training institute to empower these young people. These skills will help students earn a living.

Suganya volunteers for several NGOs and offers occupational therapy to improve sensory processing skills (understanding, recording and responding to sensory information), fine motor skills (for writing), attention (improving tolerance to position sitting) and social behavior, among others (interaction with peers).

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