The leader of the 2019 Texas sweeping reform negotiations on education in Waco | Education


More bilingual programs will also soon be available in the state, allowing students to become bilingual at an early age rather than waiting until college or high school to receive instruction in a foreign language, Taylor said.

Officials from the Waco Independent School District are hopeful the state will continue the progress made in 2019, district chief of staff Kyle DeBeer said.

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“One of the things that interests us the most is seeing how the changes to the school funding formulas in House Bill 3 brought about by the 2019 changes are maintained,” DeBeer said. “We hope that in the future, in the coming sessions, the legislature will continue to make these changes and investments a priority.”

After Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill, The Texas Tribune quoted Abbott as saying, “This law does more to advance education in the state of Texas than any other law I have seen in my adult life.

DeBeer said Waco ISD has already implemented many of the things Taylor mentioned on Tuesday, including performance-based increases and bonuses for teachers.

Taylor said a higher salary would help districts retain talented teachers and encourage students to consider careers in education.


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