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The pace of the final season of Little Things is deceptively languid. Even though the takes are long and the dialogue designed to be less rushed, there’s still a racing undercurrent at the finish.

Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar in Little Things Season 4

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The finality occupies an important place in season 4 of Dice Media Little things. Netflix India is positioned this season as the last chapter in the lives of Kavya (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal). But even if that wasn’t the case, there’s enough evidence to make it clear that this one is the latter.

The visual language of the first episode is unusually populated with slow-motion shots and even a song they travel to Kerala on. (Okay, Masala Coffee’s ‘Kanthaais a Malayalam track so more logical here, but did we really need it?). These tonal detours, even though the creators wanted them to look like streaks down the narrow lanes of Alleppey Backwaters, can instead end with bathroom breaks or hit the 4x button.

The pace, even in the last few episodes, is deceptively languid. Even though the takes are long and the dialogue designed to be less rushed, there’s still a racing undercurrent at the finish.

Even some of the lines spoken by the characters, especially Sehgal, are stated in a didactic style. It all looks like botox injections on a face that really didn’t need the enhancements in the first place. They move away from the organic style that the show has been associated with and enjoyed since the pilot.

The rhythms of a privileged romantic relationship cannot be too unpredictable, and Little things has never hesitated to possess his predictability, because he has always had the unshakeable simplicity and unfailing conviction to charm us. But when these two start to falter, as they do in the case of this season, cracks in the armor start to show.

Little Things season 4 review The goal of an ending

Straight out of a long-distance relationship between nations, Dhruv and Kavya seem to start, rather conveniently, where they left off. Yes, there are minor disagreements and blame games, but these are settling at lightning speed, perhaps thanks to the therapeutic outlines of Kerala. Having already tested the waters with a Bengaluru-Mumbai long distance relationship the previous season, one can speculate that it would have been easier to iron out the differences. But after a rational discussion and accepting the conclusion that they were “no less in love, but more indifferent to each other”, they move on to greener pastures (literally, from Alleppey to Munnar).

So this season is just not messy enough. There isn’t even a loud argument. Decibels aside, the conflicts here look like checkboxes. Maybe Dhruv and Kavya are heading towards that stage in life where they have learned to “compromise”, “adapt” and “comply”. But I miss why the creators decided to take the same approach after three largely disruptive seasons.

Little Things season 4 review The goal of an ending

A parallel can be drawn with the chronic back problem that Kavya is diagnosed with this season. As she tries to convince herself, along with Dhruv and the medics, that surgery would be a quick fix, the medics (and in turn the manufacturers) tell her she needs to slow down. His ambitious streak, which got enough light in Season 2, is set aside here. We hope that she does not link the complete rest to the bed that she is advised with a need to “settle” in her relationship. The back, unlike their relationship, will return to its old form. Will the marriage last any longer? This is a debate that the creators, as well as the character of Dhruv, insist, they are not interested and even want the public not to worry.

Little Things season 4 review The goal of an ending

Mantras like “Go with the flow”, “Indulge yourself” and “Focus on the little things in life” are written all over the script even though they are not spoken. Latent issues like Dhruv’s discord with his father, his ego, best friend feuds, and financial issues in the workplace are glossed over after a brief flirtation for effect. I, of all people, approve of the idea of ​​life as a work in progress, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of convenience.

Just because we know it’s a show that doesn’t want you to think too much, doesn’t mean we don’t have enough thoughts to chew on. Just because it’s a show that wants to make us feel more than think, doesn’t mean we don’t contemplate its flaws. And just because we know it’s a show about to say goodbye to us, we let it languish. I just wish there was more sense to that ending, rather than just a dry look at that ending.

Little Things season 4 is streaming on Netflix India.


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