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The Ceylon Institute of English & Leadership (CIOEL) is one of the largest online English language training institutions in Sri Lanka. CIOEL specializes in all facets of English language training, from basic to advanced training, and caters to the needs of undergraduates, working executives, job seekers, athletes and professionals. The institute also understands the importance of communication in business and offers in-house customer service training for organizations that want to improve their customer service.

CIOEL offers several courses and qualifications including the ‘Certificate of English’ which involves the basics of reading, writing, listening and speaking, and is best suited to students who have completed O and A levels of the GCE.

The Business English & Leadership Program consists of business communication and leadership modules which are essential for working executives and those looking to join the workforce. The “Leadership and Sustainability Program” offered at CIOEL provides students with an excellent insight into leadership, teamwork, sustainability in business and corporate communication. The skills and offer are best suited to working executives, university students and job seekers.

The institute also offers programs designed for children with a particular emphasis on elocution. CIOEL believes that speaking lessons can greatly improve communication skills, which builds children’s confidence and helps them become more assertive.

Watson Michael, Managing Director of the Ceylon Institute of English and Leadership, shared his comments on the importance of language training: “In the modern age, language training is more important than it is. has ever been, especially for the young people of Sri Lanka who want to move on to a better and brighter future. It is for this reason that we at CIOEL welcome students of all ages and backgrounds.

CIOEL also hosts a podcast on its YouTube channel, where the institute showcases projects on leadership and more led by Watson Michael with personalities from around the world. Personalities include an Emmy Award winner, a two-time Emmy Award-nominated television producer, international bestselling authors and more.

One such figure was 9-time world championship boxing and MMA trainer Dewey Cooper, who is the trainer of current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. The topic that was discussed was leadership. CIOEL believes that people like these, with a proven track record of leadership, make the best mentors.

In addition to this, CIOEL also creates CVs. In today’s highly connected world, having an appropriate resume that showcases skills, education, work experience, volunteer experience, past jobs, and significant projects is very important. in which they participated. CIOEL creates resumes for all types of industries including; Health, Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, Banking, Operations and many other sectors as well.

All training programs available at CIOEL are delivered with the utmost care by fully qualified teachers and instructors. Students will receive certificates at the end of each course.

CIOEL is one of the largest online English training institutes in Sri Lanka. CIOEL specializes in English language training for different skill levels, from basic to advanced levels for undergraduates, job seekers, athletes and professionals. CIOEL believes that the guidance and knowledge of a good tutor is the key to effective learning. To find out more about the CIOEL and the training offered, go to


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