The best private French lessons now available online


Elite French Tutoring, leader in the teaching of the French language in the United States,
changes the business model to integrate customers around the world

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – New York City, New York October 28, 2021 ( – As global relationships become more important than ever in today’s business world, it can be hard to find high quality language education, especially online.

But now, for the first time ever, New York-based Elite French Tutoring offers its world-class online language training, providing anyone with access to quality French education that can help open doors in the markets. global.

“As the pandemic continued, we realized that there were many clients needing our elite one-on-one language training who could no longer come to our center for services, so we made the bold decision to move our personalized language training in French. online, opening it up to anyone who needs to practice or learn conversational French, ”said Andrei Amarov, owner of Elite French Tutoring.

Although the service is now available online, he said the high level of instruction and personalized attention remained.

“After years of experience, we know how important personalized and attentive language training is to the process,” said Amarov. “Everyone assimilates languages ​​in their own way. Our approach is built around the idea that every student is different, and those who come to Elite French Tutoring online will experience how fun and easy this approach is when learning a language.

From the founding of the company after arriving in the United States, Amarov has used his education and experience to impress clients with his interactive teaching based on an immersive language experience.

After acquiring knowledge in international business and foreign languages ​​at the Sorbonne and settling in New York, he founded Elite French Tutoring, combining his passion for entrepreneurship and French language and culture.

Now, he hopes to improve the lives of even more people in the United States with the launch of his online service.

“The most valuable part of this whole process for me is knowing that now Elite French Tutoring can reach anyone who needs more than just vocabulary like the one you could learn on an application-based training system.” , Amarov said.

He said the service offers language training focused on conversation, use and understanding of idioms, clear pronunciation, grammar, reading comprehension and fluency. For each student with different levels of understanding for each area, it is crucial to work with the student to balance each and create a comprehensive language training.

“We work with children, young adults, business leaders and others, which makes a standard training path ineffective,” Amarov said. “Without the personalization we offer, in person and online, learning French is a much more complex process and more likely to fail. At Elite French Tutoring, we make sure that each student progresses according to their needs and abilities.

And if Elite French Tutoring’s reviews are any indication, those who take advantage of its service are likely to share a feeling of finding the best in French training online.

“Andrei is a true multi-talented professional who provides exceptional expertise and value to his clients,” said student Gene Panasenko. “He is very passionate about ensuring that Elite French Tutoring clients achieve perfect results and in doing so has been able to affect their lives in a very positive way.”

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