TechRepublic Academy’s Best Java Training Courses and Packs of 2022


Ready to become a Java expert? These six TechRepublic Academy training offerings will help you achieve that goal.

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Java is a popular programming language that currently runs on billions of devices around the world. The object-oriented language is platform-independent, easy to learn, simple to use, and completely secure. Due to these advantages, Java is ranked as the 6th most commonly used programming language today.

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The advantages of Java also inspire many amateur programmers to choose it as their first programming language. If you’re a programmer new to the field or a seasoned professional looking for a refresher, TechRepublic Academy has you covered.

In this list, you’ll find a collection of some of the best Java-specific training materials, ranging from beginner-level bootcamps to expert-level courses. Plus, they’re currently discounted to save you some extra cash.

Top 6 Java Training and Bundles

The Ultimate Java Expert Certification Pack

If becoming a Java expert is your goal, this is the certification package for you. This package includes 11 courses, 294 full lessons and 38 hours of in-depth training.

Not only will you dive deep into the basics of Java, but you’ll also master the technical concepts, including multithreading programming and the process of building desktop applications with Java Swing. You will also learn how to create web applications, develop user interfaces and manage databases.

Get the Ultimate Java Expert Certification Bundle for $31 (normally $2,200).

The complete Java Master Class package

This master class offers over 62 hours of Java-focused content, divided into seven courses. For example, you’ll build a foundation during the course, Java: Beginner to Expert, and then dive deeper into the course, Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming.

Unique courses are included in this bundle, such as What’s New in Java 9, where you’ll learn how the language has evolved over the past 20 years and how to navigate today’s Java. Just like the other packs on this list, a one-time purchase gives you lifetime access to all content.

Get the full Java Master Class bundle for $33.99 (normally $1,066).

Mastering Java & Spring Framework Essentials Bundle

Spring is an open-source framework for developing Java applications. In other words, learning to use both Java and Spring is essential for any programmer. This bundle was designed for intermediate programmers who have knowledge of Java but want to learn how Spring and Java work together.

Through four courses and 11 hours of training, you’ll learn concepts like how Spring Boot works and how to make sense of Java Lambdas, Java Streams, and more.

Get the Mastering Java & Spring Framework Essentials Bundle for $24.99 (normally $800).

The Java Bootcamp package

The Java Bootcamp Bundle is the ultimate introduction to Java. The pack includes 10 hours of content focused on the basics of the programming language. For example, the courses cover a wide range of concepts such as objects, flow control structures, arrays, inheritance, interfaces, collections, exceptions and much more.

This bootcamp is best for programmers with little or no experience with Java who want to get their feet wet in a short time. At the end of the bootcamp, students should be able to successfully develop real-world programs.

Get the Java Bootcamp Bundle for $35.99 (normally $990).

The Complete Java Coder Pack 2022

The Complete Java Coder Pack 2022 is a deep dive into coding with Java. Slightly different from the other bundles on this list, this program offers courses like Java Basics: Learn to Code the Right Way and Become a Junior Java Software Developer.

In this bundle, you will also find two Oracle certification courses that can help you prepare for various certification exams, including the Java SE 8 Programmer exam.

Get the full Java Coder 2022 bundle for $39.99 (normally $1,791).

Complete set of Java programming

This master class is another great option for beginners to Java, as well as those who are still learning basic programming concepts. For example, the From 0 to 1: Data Structures and Algorithms in Java course will help students learn how computer programs work with a light focus on Java.

This bundle includes 10 more courses that offer information on object-oriented programming, multithreading, Java Swing, and more. In the final course, you’ll learn Java 8 from the inside out with a 20-hour tutorial.

Get the complete Java programming bundle for $29 (normally $740).

Pricing and availability are subject to change.


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