Student Assembly discusses financial aid office and closed captioning for football games – The Heights


The Student Assembly (SA) welcomed its new freshman representatives and discussed getting closed captions for football games, making the financial aid office less daunting, and upcoming plans for the Council GLBTQ+ Leadership (GLC) at its meeting on Tuesday.

Jonah Kotzen, chair of the UGBC and MCAS ’24 intersectionality committee, said he and Taylor Morales, director of diversity and inclusion and MCAS ’23, met with Boston College Athletics last week to talk obtaining closed captions on football videos broadcast before matches at Alumni. .

“If I have trouble hearing these videos, I can’t imagine how hard it is for people with hearing loss,” Kotzen said. “BC Athletics was very willing to help with captioning, but they don’t know how to do it. We’ve been put in touch with IT, so I think that’s something we can do in the future.

Kotzen also explained how UGBC should think about ways to help clubs get more funding given that the The student organizations fundraising committee is running out of money for the fall semester.

“It’s probably going to be a big problem for a lot of clubs,” Kotzen said. “So we should think about how UGBC can collaborate with certain clubs and how we can help.”

According to Josh Golden, President of Community Relations and MCAS ’25, he and UGBC President Lubens Benjamin met with Ebony Marsala, BC Financial Aid Manager, to discuss ways to make the aid service less intimidating for students.

“They want to start a program to make financial aid less scary,” said Benjamin, CSOM ’23. “Students would receive a personalized email before the spring bill is due. This way, students can contact their financial aid officers in advance about any issues they may have or even just questions about submitting financial aid.

Later in the meeting, Kotzen explained that given the recent bias-motivated incidents on Herrd targeting students with disabilities, the AS plans to create a task force focused on researching bias-motivated incidents and implementation of new protocols to respond to them.

Wells Arkins, president of the GLC and MCAS ’23, then discussed the GLC’s “big post” goals and tentative policy goals for the year.

“Our biggest ticketing focus is institutional,” Arkins said. “It’s something that’s been going on for a while and something that we may not even see happen during our time in BC, which is to get an LGBTQ+ resource with a place of affinity.”

In addition to a potential affinity space, Arkins said other goals include creating a queer living and learning community for LGBTQ+ students and allies, establishing protocols for trans housing -inclusive on campus and changing BC’s institutional language to be more inclusive.

“The language used by the University is very binary,” Arkins said. “For example, the motto of our school is “men and women for others”. We can change this to be more inclusive by using “people for others” or “eagles for others”.


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