SOS manual signal created for victims of modern slavery | Item


UK-based philanthropic organization Stronger Together has created a new wave to help victims of modern slavery get help. Although developed for the construction industry, the signal can be adopted by ethics and compliance officials in all companies in all industries as a best practice.

“Detecting victims, who are often ‘hidden from view’ is a particular challenge as victims are often unable to communicate easily for reasons such that they are threatened and intimidated in the workplace, and / or may not speak English as a first language, ”Stronger Together said in a Press release On Monday. “It is therefore important that victims can use a non-verbal cue if necessary, allowing them to ask for help discreetly. [sic] without arousing suspicion or endangering themselves or others.

The manual signal is intended to be “simple and universal” and can easily be used by victims on any site. It was originally launched by the Canadian Women’s Foundation as a simple one-handed sign that someone can use silently to indicate that they need help and want someone to check in with them safely, Stronger Together said.

To support the introduction of the signal, Stronger Together has developed several free resources, including a downloadable poster to place in the workplace, a brief training tutorial for ethics and compliance teams on what to do if you see the manual signal being used and how to respond to it, and a video multilingual.


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