Song Kang-Ho Confirmed As Leader In Kim Jee-Woon’s Cobweb


Kim Jee-Woon will once again team up with Parasite’s Song Kang-Ho as the duo deliver the debut film for their new studio, Cobweb.


Song Kang-Ho is one of the most recognizable faces in the burgeoning field of Korean cinema. The actor received worldwide acclaim in 2019 for his starring role in Parasite, which became the first foreign language film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. It was far from the start of the career of one of the most prominent Korean actors, as fans of foreign cinema probably already knew Song before. Parasite.

The actor had previously starred in several films that had a significant presence in Western audiences, teaming up with some of the country’s most acclaimed directors including Park Chan-Wook, Kim Jee-Woon and Parasite director Bong Joon-Ho. The song counts Sympathy for Mr Vengence, the host and The good, the bad and the strange among his credits as well as Snowdrops which was later adapted into a Netflix Original series.


Song To Team Up With Kim Jee-Woon Again For Upcoming Upcoming Feature Spider. The couple collaborated on the above The good, the bad and the strange as well as three other films including the first film by Kim The quiet family. This latest feature film will also be the first to come from Anthology Studios, a new production house co-founded by Kim and Song with the former production manager of Warner Bros. Korea, Jay Choi.

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Anthology Studios aims to focus on emerging talents in the Korean film industry and provide them with a platform to launch their careers. Korean cinema and television have experienced a major renaissance with Western audiences in recent times, which continued this year with Squid game, which broke records for Netflix. Anthology Studios hopes to capitalize on this momentum and continue to allow its industry to grow as a major cultural export to rival Bollywood and Japan.

Tying the big names behind the studio to the first draft could be a great way to kickstart the brand’s prestige by assuming Spider is an international success. Not much is known about the project beyond the casting announcement, only Kim’s previous announcements that the film is “experimental” and meta. Filming will take place entirely on a soundstage, and the narrative will feature a movie in a cinematic gimmick.

If done well, these types of projects can be very provocative and impactful such as Synecdoche, New York from meta-cinema master Charlie Kaufman. But there are plenty of pitfalls to fall into and it remains to be seen how Kim’s generally pompous and quirky style will fit into this kind of narrative. Spider It does conjure up a lot of intrigue, however, and Korean media moguls seem to have put their trust in Anthology Studios, already bought for £ 18million by JTCB Studios even before their first film was released.

Kim, meanwhile, recently completed his work on Dr. Brain in conjunction with Apple TV Plus, the series was used as part of the showcase that marked Apple TV’s recent launch in Korea. It is also Kim’s biggest outing via Western media since her 2013 film. The last Stand, his only Hollywood project to date. The song will also be back on the big screen soon in Declaration of emergency, which premiered at Cannes this year and is slated for release in early 2022.

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