Some people unable to digest India’s growth: Venkaiah Naidu


Vice President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu said on Saturday that some people are unable to digest India’s growth.

He said that while India is respected and recognised, some Western media propaganda against it on petty issues.

Naidu was addressing the Telugu Ugadi New Year celebrations at the Swarna Bharat Trust in Muchintal, on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

“The whole world looks to India. India is respected, recognized and realized. Although some Western media may propagandize against India on small issues but larger public life, value systems , the traditions and heritage of India are respected everywhere,” he said.

Some people, he noted, have not been able to digest India’s growth. Media in some countries write something that they feel is in the interest of their country, but some people in India use the same content and try to tarnish the country’s image.

The vice president also expressed concern about the degrading conduct of some members of parliament and state assemblies. He said that the kind of language used brought a bad name to the whole system.

Naidu, who is the president of Rajya Sabha, said some incidents in parliament and state legislatures were painful. He also blamed the media for giving prominence to such incidents. He said that if lawmakers speak well on the issues, that’s not news to the media, but if someone creates a commotion, uses foul language or resorts to personal attacks on others, it becomes news.

“Good behavior, good conduct and good delivery is not news,” he said and advised the media to be aware of their responsibility.

Naidu stressed the need to speak in one’s own mother tongue. He said everyone should speak in his native language at home and among those who understand that language and if he is with other Indians he should speak in Indian languages.

“There is nothing wrong with learning foreign languages. You can learn any foreign language, but you must speak in your mother tongue. It is our address and our identity,” he said. .

Naidu also stressed the need to follow culture and traditions in daily life, including other people’s wishes and eating habits.


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