Shubhangi Atre Highlights Relevance of Hindi on World Hindi Day


Bombay, January 10 (IANS): On World Hindi Day, “Bhabiji Ghar By Hain” actress Shubhangi Atre urges Indian parents to teach their children to speak Hindi for everyday communication.

World Hindi Day or ‘Vishwa Hindi Divas’ is celebrated annually on January 10 to mark the First World Hindi Conference held on January 10, 1975 in Nagpur. The main motive is to promote the use of the Hindi language across the world.

She said, “Hindi being my mother tongue, and our national language is very important to us. But today, it is disheartening how parents are paying more attention to teaching their children English instead of Hindi. Many of us are used to using English. in our daily communication. I am not against speaking English but we must not forget our values ​​and our morals. Hindi must be our priority. I am proud to display my Hindi language abilities. And at most I appreciate and choose to approach others in Hindi only. “

The actress further expresses her concern that Hindi as a language is not gaining attention.

“Hindi is certainly the mother tongue of us Indians. Hindi is a very beautiful language, its tone is very aesthetic. Now, although learning Hindi seems less fashionable, people are more and more fascinated by foreign languages ​​and forget the essence of Hindi. . The emphasis on English is growing and this poses a major threat to the importance and meaning of Hindi. Hindi has become a foreign language on its own territory, ”she adds.

Shubhangi, known for her role in ‘Kasturi’, ‘Do Hanson Ka Jodaa’, ‘Stories by Rabindranath Tagore’ among others, takes root in Hindi and says, “Hindi is the language that keeps us connected to our roots. Yes English is indeed a global language, it gives you a way to reach various fields and spheres but one should not forget the importance and identity of Indians which is very inherently rooted in the Hindi language. “


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