Seminar at Doha Book Fair discusses efforts to preserve Arabic language


The 31st Doha International Book Fair held a seminar entitled “Cultural Safety: Future and Responsibility” on Saturday evening, as part of the cultural activities accompanying the exhibition, currently in session at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center under the slogan “Knowledge is light”. . The seminar was attended by HE the Minister of Culture Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad al-Thani, and a group of intellectuals.

HE the Minister of State and Chairman of the National Library of Qatar, Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kawari, the Head of the Diplomatic Studies Program at the Doha Institute of Graduate Studies, Dr. Marwan Kabalan, and the Writer and journalist Yasser Abu Hilala took part in the seminar led by writer and journalist Jassim Salman.
Dr. al-Kawari presented a working paper entitled “The Arabic Language: Our National Security”, in which he stressed that language is a determinant of the existence of a nation and the existence of a civilization. for this nation.
Dr al-Kawari noted that when the West occupied the lands of Arabs and Islam, it mostly focused on weakening the Arabic language, because by weakening it, the nation weakens its heritage. and its components.
He added that the threat currently affecting the Arabic language will affect Arab culture, stressing the importance of preserving the Arabic language as a priority in cultural security.
Dr. al-Kawari explained that the term “cultural security” emerged as a result of sensing the imminent danger that local culture faces compared to the culture of Western globalization, characterized by capitalism and consumerism. .
Dr. al-Kawari reiterated that the Arabic language is the shield of identity, praising in this regard the affirmation of the State of Qatar in its constitution in article (1) of chapter one on this close link between the Arabic language and national identity.
He also commended Law No. (7) of 2019 on the Protection of the Arabic Language, as well as the interest of the Shura Councils in the Arabic language and the fact that its preservation is one of its top priorities.
Dr al-Kawari stressed the important role of the Arab family, especially the mother, in promoting the Arabic language to her children, warning of the effects of non-Arab domestic workers on the education of children in the Gulf countries.
He also warned of the negative impact of using social media.
He spoke of the importance of education as an incubator of the Arabic language and stressed the need to reform the linguistic situation in education.
The seminar saw numerous participations and interventions on the decline of the Arabic language and the cultural danger that threatens Arab societies because of this decline. (QNA)


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