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There have been some amazing open-world franchises, and each one leaves an indelible mark on your life. As such, every time you start a new game that has these core principles, you can’t help but judge it. Anything No Man’s Sky, Saints Row, GTA, Red Dead RedemptionWhere Ring of Elden, you will always compare your new experiences to the ones you love so much. Therefore, when I was given the Xbox series X/S improved Biomutant game to review, I fell into this trap. However, I put on my critic cap, wiped my mind of any preconceptions, and got to work.

Developped by Experiment 101 and published by Nordic THQ, it is an open-world adventure title. Plus, it’s rich in stories, has a vivid and beautiful world, and there’s plenty to do. Along with that, there’s an array of biomes to experience, weird mounts to ride, a skill tree to focus on, and much more. Therefore, it contains a lot of unusual ideas and moments in its sanctimonious plot.

Biomutant tells a familiar story of self-destruction.

Humanity is its own worst enemy. However, if we wipe ourselves off this planet because of our stupidity, then that is our watch. Still, you can’t help but be horrified for the creatures that share our habitats. Our poor and foolish choices have profound ramifications for these beasts, and this forms the fundamental ideals of Biomutant. Humanity has poisoned the world and each of these unusual animals lives with the consequences. Harmless entities become mutated by toxic radioactive waste and their DNA is permanently altered. Subsequently, this causes an imbalance in the ecosystem, and all hell breaks loose.

The protagonist’s mother and father lose their lives when a huge monster called Lupa Lupin kills them in a frenzied attack. Marked by this encounter, the young hero leaves and tries to survive in nature. However, fate calls him back to his homeland as the tribes are killing each other and the “Tree of Life” is dying. Without your intervention, the world will end and the mutated creatures will win. By helping the locals, merging the tribes, and defeating the World Eaters and Lupa Lupin, you will repair the damage and save the “Tree of Life”. So no pressure there then!

Although this story focuses your approach, you are free to do whatever you want. Once you complete the linear tutorial, the vast and intimidating world unfolds before you. With plenty of side quests to experience, plenty of ruins to explore, and a stunning overarching story to uncover, it’s a feast for all the senses.

How the hell are you going to take this apart?

It’s all in the missions.

Biomutant has a phenomenal story that twists and turns many times. On top of that, the eclectic mix of characters and unusual language choices add to the wonderful craziness. This is then reinforced by a warm and wealthy automaton disciple who acts as translator and narrator. This excellent decision by the developers gave the gameplay a solid structure and unveiled some of the most puzzling moments. With many tribes and countless quests to complete, it could have been overwhelming. Fortunately, even the most complex situations are manageable thanks to the excellent, if strange, guide.

The deep central quest line branches out with multiple sub-plots and complicated jobs to complete. Along with that, there are plenty of side quests to complete and plenty of areas to explore. As such, players can easily become distracted from the task at hand. I loved this freedom, even if sometimes I longed for more structure. As a result, I went off on multiple occasions when trying to achieve even the most basic goals. Therefore, I recommend setting aside plenty of time if you decide to tackle this monstrously big game.

Smooth combat and an amazing crafting system.

When character progression, looting, and combat are central to everything you do, you want a deep and rewarding combat and crafting system. Fortunately, Biomutant has just that, and loved every minute of it. With your normal XP and upgrade items included, you can focus on improving a range of game-changing stats. Whether you improve your strength, health, speed, or more will depend on your playstyle. When creating your hero, you can decide whether you’ll be melee-obsessed, a ranged warrior, or a bit of both. It was fantastic because it allows you to approach the action however you want.

This is then complemented by the awesome unlockable abilities and awesome Wung Fu combos. Additionally, by gaining PSI powers, you can pair standard attack tropes with awesome magic skills. On top of that, by upgrading the mutation tree, you will unlock different skills that create deadly and smooth attack moves.

This is all tied together nicely by the amazing crafting system. This is a key area that makes Biomutant stand out from their peers. As you loot the surrounding world and level up, you can upgrade your gear or create entirely unique weapons. It was phenomenal, as you can craft weapons that will take out specific enemies or clothes that will increase resistance in each of the biomes. I loved how this simple idea worked perfectly with the complex environment and extensive roster of monsters you encounter.

The world of Biomutant is phenomenal.
The world of Biomutant is beautiful.

Biomes, Karma and puzzles.

Although combat and quests are a big part of by Biomutant rich tapestry, it also has many other charms. With a delightfully cruel level of toxic, evil, and deadly biomes to explore, you’ll need to master the crafting and leveling system pretty quickly. Thereafter, with the right approach, your hero can become resilient to every revolting and debilitating obstacle that stands in your way.

On top of that, the looting and exploration elements are often mixed in with fun and challenging puzzles to complete. With an array of oddly-named human technologies littering the landscape, you must solve logic-based puzzles to open doors, crack safes, and earn rewards. Therefore, it was a nice distraction from the near-endless combat encounters and faster-paced moments.

Finally, similar to Fable, Biomutant uses a Karma system. During conversations, you are free to respond as you wish. However, your choices have an impact on whether you are perceived as “light” or “dark”. Additionally, it impacts the choices available and will distort the relationships you have. Therefore, you have to live with your choices, regardless of the consequences.

Biomutant looks amazing.

When it was released for “Last-Gen” machines, people complained about the graphics, frame rate, and bugs. Luckily, though, I didn’t touch it until this review. Subsequently, I missed all the rough spots and instead enjoyed a beautiful and neat title. With a variety of biomes to explore, stunning characters to meet, fluid combat to watch, and excellent cutscenes, this is a great game to play. On top of that, the world is incredibly massive and fun to explore.

This amazing world would be nothing without atmospheric audio. With a rich and powerful soundtrack, you will lose yourself in the thrilling story. Along with that, the character’s eerie voices and excellent storytelling add to the mystery and drama. Plus, the great sound effects are awesome! With bone-crunching noises and fancy OTT sounds, they both add to the ensuing craziness.

Excellent controls and a brilliant user interface.

There is so much to do in Biomutant that it could have been a pig to play with. With hectic battles, plenty of special abilities, and quick combos to master, there’s a lot going on. However, thanks to the responsive controls and brilliant user interface, you’ll master the fundamentals in no time. Plus, the excellent tutorial lets you get up to speed without being complicated or boring.

Like other open-world games, this one is full of longevity and replay value. If you want, you can rush through the main story and forget about the exciting side quests. Still, I wouldn’t recommend it. With plenty of interesting places to explore and amazing jobs to do, you’ll want to invest your time wisely. Along with this, the progression tree, crafting system, character role, PSI powers, and mutations ensure that no game is ever the same.

Biomutant is fantastic.

I’ve always loved open-world games, but I find them overwhelming and that puts me off. However, Biomutant was different! I could happily invest hours without getting bored or feeling out of my mind. Moreover, the mix of different approaches and the excellent plot were both interesting and captivating. It is for these reasons that I recommend that you buy it here! Can you save the “Tree of Life”? Destroy the World Eaters, hunt Lupa Lupin and get your revenge.


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