Ravalli County Board of Health Votes to Relax Language Around COVID Guidelines | Local News



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He said the county received many calls about what to do if they were sick, vaccinated, unvaccinated or in close contact.

“We try to give people advice so that we don’t have to answer the phone all day,” Burrows said.

Scholl said the letter recommending quarantine is given to people who are positively exposed to COVID-19 and “it is an attempt to prevent the spread.”

“We know everyone has free will and it’s not a mandate,” she said.

De Haan said the letter would help allay fears.

“If I’ve been exposed and someone gives me this letter, I can read it and say ‘okay, I can do these things.’ I know there are other things you can do, but for the most part, it will help allay those fears. “

Tom Korst, Hamilton School District Superintendent, said clarification is important.

“I supervise around 200 employees and 1,600 students,” he said. “I am asked what people should and should not do. I have a really complicated situation and we want to stay open and I want people to stay positive and happy with their school system. “

He encouraged the council to switch to the new language.

Webber said that in Ravalli County 19,250 vaccines had been administered and that each person had read and signed the information provided.



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