Pay only one euro to be informed Jap with this pack of online games from the section ‘Be informed Jap to continue to exist!’



There are many web pages where we can find, from time to time, online game packs (“bundles”) for sale that make our jaw drop to the bottom with one of the biggest cuts (which now we need to pay attention to, because they only last a few days).

For example, it is imaginable to discover a pack of 3 video games and several other DLC, which could generally be worth us 41.69 € … for 1 € the most effective. Of course, one euro, as you learn. And this is the case of the ‘package’ that we want to communicate to you about these days, to have the following 12 days on the Fanatical portal.

3 video games to be informed Jap

‘Be informed Jap To Continue to exist!’ is a saga of educational video games designed as an introductory material to learn about the Japanese language, a language full of explicit demanding situations for the Western pupil:

“Studying a language can also be intimidating. And with a language like Jap, filled with atypical symbols, you won’t even know where to start.

The latter could be very true, because many Westerners do not know that studying Japanese does not really mean studying a language anymore … but also the 3 other related writing modes, which correspond to each of the video games incorporated in the pack:

  • Hiragana: Syllabic gadget, the first one told to Japanese children, used to make up Japanese phrases, debris and verbal endings. We can tell them through the game ‘Be informed Jap To Continue to exist! Hiragana Struggle ‘.

  • Katakana: Any other syllabary, which is frequently used to make up international phrases and onomatopoeias, besides focusing on phrases (something very similar to our italics) or for writing animal names in medical texts. We can tell them through the game ‘Be informed Jap To Continue to exist! Katakana Battle ‘.

  • Kanji: The Chinese characters that constitute ideas no longer ring. There are over 11,000 of them, or even a literate Jap should not know them all. We can be told probably the most basic ones (those to whom Japs say they are in college number one) with the online game ‘Be Informed Jap To Continue To Exist! Kanji fight ‘.

Its creators explain that their goal was once to provide “study software that helps keep you going and delivers difficult situations at the right pace.”

For this, they opted for teach us the meanings, pronunciation and writing of each period of using an RPG sport (RPG, neatly, with its progression missions, necessary selection of gadgets, etc.) where ratings of what has been discovered are represented as clashes on the battlefield.

The 3 video games are developed by means of River Crow Studios, a small online game creation company created in 2015; and, whatever their hobby in Japan (as well as “Be informed of Jap to continue to exist!” they have introduced a few “visible novels” besides the taste of anime), it is about a mission entirely based in Melbourne (Australia).

The 8 opposite parts of the package are DLC related to the 3 main video games, among which we will be able to find manga, discover guides, flash playing cards, illustration books, wallpaper packs and soundtracks.

In any case, keep in mind that in order to use video games and their downloadable content, you want to have a Steam account.



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