NU-Q launches research institute focused on countries of the South


Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) has announced a new research institute that will focus on countries in the South.

Dean and CEO Marwan M Kraidy said the institute is “designed to amplify the reach and impact of the research and media creation of our faculty and students, and to enhance our reputation as a distinctive contributor to the ‘Northwestern University, the Qatar Foundation and more widely. . “
From its Qatari and Arab location, the Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South (#IAS_NUQ) will produce and promote evidence-based storytelling focused on the histories, cultures, societies and media of the Global South. . “IAS_NUQ has an inclusive vision of globalization,” said Kraidy, “which recognizes the diversities and inequalities that shape our world”.
Kraidy said he founded the institute to alleviate the under-representation of researchers and creators from the Global South in global knowledge production. Many stories about Qatar, the Arab world and the countries of the South are told by Western authors, researchers and journalists. The local creation of globally relevant knowledge and the establishment of South-South intellectual, creative and educational exchanges are essential for the success of knowledge-based societies and sustainable communities. With partners such as the Qatar Foundation and Northwestern’s Buffett Institute for Global Affairs, #IAS_NUQ will be transformative in positioning NU-Q to shape our understanding of the world.
During its formative years, the institute will focus on four main themes: Modes of knowledge in the countries of the South; geopolitics, information and culture; the global future and the work of the media in the countries of the South.
By leading multidisciplinary teams of researchers and creators to tackle lingering problems and pressing challenges, the Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South will make a significant contribution not only to knowledge, but also to society in his outfit. “Any research on southern countries conducted at a leading American university in Qatar should be disseminated in both Arabic and English, and in at least one relevant third language. Our multilingual outings will also be multimodal, making full use of digital technologies to broaden our reach and deepen our impact, ”noted Kraidy.
Clovis Bergère, deputy director of research at the institute, will lead the supervision of undergraduate and postdoctoral fellows, as well as the publications and research produced by the institute. Bergère noted that the institute will work with academics and students from NU-Q and beyond who have expertise in the liberal arts, media, communication and journalism.


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