NIT Srinagar hosts second OLIC meeting



Srinagar, December 27: The Official Languages ​​Implementation Committee (OLIC) held its quarterly meeting on Monday at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Srinagar to review the Hindi language progress report on campus.

NIT Director Srinagar Professor (Dr.) Rakesh Sehgal, President of OLIC, appreciated the work of OLIC members and said that everything is being streamlined for the implementation of the language. Hindi on campus.

He said to increase the use of Hindi in the institute; training sessions will soon be organized for interested employees of the personnel department, during which they will receive basic knowledge of the Hindi language.

He said that it is necessary to promote and popularize the Hindi language among the people. The language has its own history and heritage; he said adding that in the future NIT will use Urdu language along with Hindi for its billboards.

In his post, NIT Registrar Professor Syed Kaiser Bukhari said all of the guidelines of the Official Languages ​​Implementation Committee (OLIC) are being followed in letter and in spirit.

“Several meetings were held this year to ensure its full implementation on campus,” he said.

During the meeting, the president indicated that efforts will be made to make the printing materials used in the institute bilingual in a gradual manner, such as nameplates, rubber stamps, departmental signs, etc.

Members also discussed the need to discuss again the inclusion of Hindi in the logo of the institute. If there is no problem with adding additional material to the logo in the shape of the logo, it can certainly be changed in the future.

The President was informed that the use of Urdu language and Hindi will also be included in future plans of the institute, whereby the activities of the institute can be presented in a trilingual form.

The meeting brought together all OLIC members including Prof. Najeeb-Ud-Din (Dean of Academic Affairs), Prof. Abdul Liman (Chief, HSSM), Dr Yeswant Mehta (Chief, MME), Prof. Kowsar Majid (Head, Chemistry), Prof. Tanveer Jalal (Manager, Mathematics), Dr. Mohd. Abid Bazaz (Chef, Dept. of EE), Prof. (Dr.) AQ Dar (Chef, CE), Prof. AH Bhat (President, CSC).

Deputy Registrar, Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Dar who is the supervisor of Hindi education attended the meeting, the Hindi officer and secretary of OLIC, Dr Ravi Bhushan (EED), other coordinators including Dr Brajesh Kumar (CHE), the Dr RP Shukla (Civil Eng), Dr Neeraj Gupta (Department of EE), Dr Brajindra Singh Sengar (Department of E&C), Dr HS Pali (Department of ME), Dr Amrit Pal Singh (IT), Dr Atendra Kumar (Maths), Dr Nasir F. Butt (HSSM), Dr Mohd. Zubair Ansari (physical), Dr Amandeep Singh (T&P) and Dr Sabzar Ahmad Batoo from Rajbhasha Cell were also present at the meeting.

The official vote of thanks was presented by the Hindi officer, Dr Ravi Bhushan (EED).



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