Montel Williams will visit the new Cannapreneur Partners, Joint Operations dispensary in Rowley, MA


WESTBOROUGH, MA/ACCESSWIRE/July 14, 2022/ Cannapreneur Partners’ flagship dispensary, Joint Operations in Rowley, MA, works hard to raise awareness of the natural benefits and wellness that cannabis can bring to our nation’s veterans. Montel Williams, nationally known television host, actor, speaker and veteran, will visit the new Rowley Joint Operations dispensary on July 14 to help our team achieve this goal.

Montel will stream live from the Joint Operations Rowley location just before the doors officially open, 6:15-6:45 PM EST. He will talk about:

  1. Rowley’s grand opening, which he will attend on August 20 for a live meet from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The event runs from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.
  2. Why he chose to get involved in the cannabis industry.
  3. His cannabis line Inspire.
  4. How cannabis has contributed to his personal well-being.

This will be broadcast live on Joint Operations Facebook and instagramas well as Montel’s “Let’s Be Blunt” platforms.

In an effort to raise awareness of cannabis wellness and education, the Joint Ops team invites Mr. Williams for a pop-up celebrity visit. He shares the same direction and synergy, making him the perfect guest to help propel the cannabis revolution on the East Coast. It is through partnerships like this that the company hopes to usher in a new era of accessible, quality cannabis products.

Williams began his professional career with the United States Marine Corp and was the first black Marine selected from Naval Academy Prep School to later graduate from the United States Naval Academy and be commissioned as a naval officer. Williams earned a degree in general engineering and a minor in international security affairs. He also graduated from the Defense Language Institute in Russian and Mandarin Chinese. While serving in the military, Williams received two Meritorious Service Medals, two Navy Commendation Medals, two Navy Medals of Honor, and various other military awards and citations.

In 1999, Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). This would eventually lead to the creation of “Inspire by Montel”, which offers cannabis vaping products he has used to manage his symptoms. For nearly 23 years, Williams has been a popular advocate for cannabis law reform. He has partnered with Freshly Baked, a Taunton-based recreational cannabis company, who will also visit the joint operations site.

Asked about his thoughts on Montel Williams’ visit to the Rowley Dispensary, founding partner Bill Duggan said, “It’s great to have a former veteran, just like me, coming to help us raise awareness of the well- being and cannabis education. This event is going to be a huge stepping stone for us, and I think Mr. Williams’ presence will really bring a new level of direction and inspiration to our organization.

On August 20, Joint Operations will celebrate the official grand opening of its new Rowley Dispensary. This 21+ event will feature an array of celebrity guests to help raise awareness, and Montel Williams may also be in attendance.

If you would like to learn more about Rowley, MA’s upcoming grand opening as well as other joint operations events, please visit our events page here:

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