MongoDB is on a mission to equip 85 million developers with new skills


According to recent research, 40 million tech jobs need more skilled talent. This number is expected to reach 85.2 million by 2030. To help bridge the growing skills gap across the globe, MongoDB Inc recently announced updates to the MongoDB University curriculum.

The decade-old university’s updated curriculum will include a broader course catalog, streamlined certifications, 24/7 exam access, Atlas hands-on labs and a selection of foreign language materials.

In a conversation with Analytics India MagazineRaghu Viswanathan, Vice President, Education, Literature and Academia, MongoDB, said, “I’ve been fortunate to see the education industry evolve over the years from what was primarily live training, has transformed into a digital education company, which has changed again due to the cloud. The cloud has influenced the way education is created in today’s era. So many changes have happened, and I I was a good witness and I lived it.

Prior to that, Viswanathan worked at Oracle for nearly 30 years.

“Learning should be frictionless”

Viswanathan explained how MongoDB stands out in the market. “Unlike other platforms, we let users access content even without giving us their email ID. We want developers to work without boundaries or inhibitions. The company strongly believes that learning should be frictionless, we so we took a different approach to giving people access to our learning.

People are looking for things in different formats online these days. Some learn by consuming content, and others through quizzes. Everyone has a different view of learning and it’s not easy to find everything in one place. So for the MongoDB team, the philosophy was to build a platform that offered a combination of all the important things in one place.

“With the launch, we focused on an overall change in modularity. Time is usually the barrier for most people to learn. So everything has been simplified into small, consumable chunks of five to seven minutes. Beyond that, we have almost a hundred lab exercises that people can practice,” he said.

Today, MongoDB University has approximately 37,000 customers across multiple industries. So with the underlying principles of what is covered in these courses, they are going to apply to a wide audience.

Roadmap for India

Today, every major company has a big hub in India, and MongoDB is no exception. What MongoDB University loves about India is the certification culture. Explaining plans to increase the delivery of learning through other portals, Viswanathan said the company is looking to work with more universities in India by integrating their curriculum into colleges. “I would like students to have easy access to MongoDB, either through professors or on their own,” he added.

Latest updates

● Five new courses include Introduction to MongoDB – Developer Course and Pilot Course for Node, Java, C# and Python. All certifications have been extended to include 24/7 exam scheduling and testing.

● 88 Atlas hands-on labs that cover popular features, including CRUD operations, search, aggregation, and indexing.

● A more personalized experience with all content unprotected and without time restrictions. New subtitles in six languages ​​have been added, including Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

● 20-minute tutorials called “Learning Bytes” to provide the latest updates – product announcements, new releases/releases, advanced dives into niche topics or content and areas of developer interest.


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