Man clears £20,000 debt and buys his first home after joining odd jobs website



Fais Chaudry gave up his job in sales to start offering his services as a full-time handyman on the Airtasker ‘sharing community’ website – now he’s debt-free and has even bought his first house with his Diana wife

Fais Chaudry now uses Airtasker full-time to find work

A man who joined an odd jobs website after quitting his full-time job says becoming his own boss helped him pay off £20,000 in debt and even buy his first house.

Fais Chaudry, 35, from west London, gave up his job in sales to start offering his services as a full-time handyman on the Airtasker ‘sharing community’ website.

Airtasker lets freelancers and freelancers list their skills and services — including tasks like cleaning, marketing, and DIY — so people can hire them.

Fais discovered Airtasker in 2018 after he began looking for ways to boost his evening income when his wife Diana, 37, became pregnant with their daughter, Nerea, now 2.

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Fais started using Airtasker as a way to supplement his income

As work began to pick up, Fais decided to quit her job at the end of 2018 so she could become her own boss.

Although he initially earned less, Fais says he now earns more than his job as a salesman and has used the extra income to clear £20,000 of debt, accumulated on credit cards and through payday loans over the past 10 years.

He is also stepping onto the property ladder after recently completing his first home with Diana.

Speaking to The Mirror, Fais said: “I was always looking for freelance work to do in the evenings or weekends alongside my job. Airtasker popped up so I gave it a try.

“It was scary to quit my full-time job, but once I took the leap I knew business was coming and it would get better with time.

“Originally, I was earning less money, but I didn’t have a manager behind me with objectives, KPIs and constant individual and internal meetings.

“After two years, I now earn more than in my last office job.”

Fais says he now earns more money compared to his office job

Fais, which offers painting and decorating as well as light carpentry and assembly work, admits that many people he has recommended Airtasker to have been reluctant to give up their full-time jobs.

This is because there is no guarantee that you will always get work through an odd job site, which means it can be risky and not all income is guaranteed.

You may also have certain months that are better than others.

This means you should always be prepared and have some spare savings before you decide to give up a full-time job.

Fais says he can earn around £200 or more a day

Luckily for Fais, he doesn’t regret becoming his own boss and says giving up his job was the right decision for him.

He can earn anything from £200 a day, but some jobs can sometimes pay double that amount.

He said: “I would have liked to be in this position 15 years ago, but I made a few bad decisions that put me in debt.

“Using the sharing economy and becoming my own boss gave me financial stability for the first time.”

If you’re considering becoming a freelancer, do some research first to make sure there’s a market for what you want to do.

If you’re not sure what to base your business on, you might want to consider something that uses your experience or skills or something you’ve done as a hobby.

You may be able to find ideas by looking at books and pamphlets at the local library or job centre. Consider going freelance or even turning your favorite hobby into a small business.

It might also be a good idea to start your new business alongside your current job to see if it’s likely to take off.

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