MagniLearn, a 100% personalized AI-based platform for teaching English, is growing rapidly in Japan


TOKYO, January 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – MagniLearn announced today that the company has signed a strategic agreement in Japan with a large network of private schools. The network, AIC Education – with more than 61 private daycare centers (Jukus) and more than 12,000 pupils – chose to implement MagniLearn’s localized solution to facilitate extremely efficient and hyper-personalized learning for its students. AIC Education has already launched MagniLearn in seven schools and four of its sites: Kurashiki, Hiroshima, Fukuyama and Okayama.

“Efficiency is the key to successful foreign language acquisition. Thanks to the integrated knowledge of the language, our system discerns vocabulary and grammar rules that have not yet been fully understood by the student. It identifies common errors, provides recommendations, alerts teachers, and builds the next lesson plan for that student’s needs, ”said Lana Tockus, CEO of MagniLearn.

“MagniLearn provides our schools with a unique, real-time, data-driven, personalized learning and information system. This information, coupled with the integration of the curriculum into our school textbooks, enables us to further empower our students to reach their full potential and to provide our teachers with the tools necessary to maximize their role in the classroom. This partnership with MagniLearn brings cutting edge technology to our schools, allowing students to dramatically improve their English in a much shorter time frame, ”said Mr. Kuwabara, President of AIC Education.

According to Tockus, the natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms at the heart of MagniLearn are restoring the ability to teach one-on-one. The user experience is extremely personalized and flexible, as each exercise is generated by an NLP engine in real time to maximize the user’s learning efficiency.

According to language learning experts, fluency in English involves achieving an active vocabulary of around 8,000 words as well as hundreds of grammatical patterns. MagniLearn reports that students using its system have demonstrated an ability to acquire these language skills three times faster than using traditional methods.

MagniLearn targets a variety of clients, such as K-12, higher education institutions, book publishers, information service companies, and EdTech companies. For the Japanese market, MagniLearn integrated the national textbook curriculum into its existing product and included unique custom features suitable for Japanese schools, teachers and students.

MagniLearn was born from the groundbreaking work of scientists from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in natural language processing, neuroscience, cognition and education led by Professor Ari Rappoport.

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