Lower attendance, scores in Del State’s school performance.



Education Secretary Susan Bunting urged schools and districts to use 2021 results in combination with other data to assess the need to help students recoup time lost due to the pandemic.

“Although assessment opportunities were available to all students, we saw significantly fewer students taking the assessment,” said Bunting. “While direct comparisons with assessment data from previous years may not be appropriate because of this, the data provides important temperature control that enables our schools to better track and meet short learning needs. and long term. “

Only 60% of students in Grades 3 to 8 took the assessment in English and Math. Of these, only 41% achieved a level of proficiency in English, and only 26% achieved the grade in mathematics.

About 71% of eligible high school students took the SAT, which the state uses as a test of federal accountability. Only 28% achieved proficient results in the math portion, while 49% were proficient in the reading and writing segment.

Participation varied among different racial groups. The state divides students into five groups: Hispanic, African American, White, Asian American, or multiracial.

Hispanic students in Grades 3 through 8 had the highest participation rate in English language arts, with 68% of them passing the test, compared to 67% of white students and 50% of black students.

Skill numbers were also divided based on racial criteria, which could indicate a greater negative impact of the pandemic on specific racial groups.

Although the proficiency rate for students in Grades 3-8 is 26% overall for math, only 12% of African American students and 15% of Hispanic students achieved the proficiency standard. White students did slightly better than the state average at 36%, while 68% of Asian American students were proficient.



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