Local students struggling with math, reading


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Nevada students are struggling with math and reading, according to a brand new assessment from the Nevada Department of Education. Experts say the pandemic is partly to blame.

The more balanced and smarter 2021 assessments looked at grades 3 through 8. Typically, 95% of students are expected to participate in the report, but this requirement was lifted last year. Only 68% of Nevada students participated, with only 54% within the Clark County School District.

Overall, only 41% of students were proficient in English and 26% in mathematics. This is down from 48% and 37%, respectively, the year before.

Cultivate Academics’ content tutor Steffanie Shapiro mentioned that the numbers are devastating. She saw huge gaps in studies due to the statewide pandemic-induced college closures.

“Fundamental concepts are crucial in moving towards further successes,” Shapiro said. “If you don’t understand the basics of something, you can’t really be successful in building on that foundation in any capacity. “

Within the CCDS, less than 40% of middle and elementary students are proficient in language arts and less than 25% in mathematics.

Shapiro mentioned that one-on-one tutoring would help the students get back on track. If a student is having difficulty with English, she recommends that they learn aloud every day. Flashcards are an easy and convenient choice to help with math and various subjects.

“You can really see their confidence grow then once they’re in class,” Shapiro said. “They generally perform much better than before.”

The Nevada Department of Education guarantees to use more than $ 1 billion in federal funds to meet the educational and emotional needs of students. A plan could be presented on this information at the end of September.


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