Loan for bad payers


If someone has not paid the installments of any loan or loan, he is reported and is classified as a bad payer.

bad payers loan
Fortunately, the debtor’s name is kept on bad payers lists for some time, but never more than three years after the end of the loan. This situation causes serious difficulties in receiving another loan, in fact precisely because this particular subject is associated with a high insolvency, banks or those in charge almost certainly reject a possible other loan request.

Loan for bad payers

The bad payers, however, have a chance to access the credit: the transfer of the fifth.
The sale of the fifth is a loan for bad payers. More precisely, it is a personal loan that is not finalized, which allows you to obtain up to 60 thousand euros, even if the applicant has been assessed as a bad payer. The bad payer, however, must be a fixed-term or an indeterminate employee or a pensioner. In this case, the financing is also granted fairly easily precisely because the stipulated installment is deducted monthly from the salary or pension. Even better, those who have life insurance or are obliged to do it anyway.

Loan for bad payers: life insurance

The insurance or policy is a further protection in the event of death or in the event of redundancies or loss of employment as an employee. Problems can arise only if the company that hired the applicant is private. In that case, the Bank or whoever needs to request and impose certain indispensable requirements for the purpose of initiating a loan application. The company, for example, must have a minimum number of employees, more than 15 or be a company with a pre-established capital.

Loan for bad payers: the TFR

Another coverage could be the TFR accumulated during the working years. The loan is stipulated in monthly installments and a single installment can not exceed one fifth of the applicant’s salary or in any case the entire capital must be proportional to the income of the applicant. The loan will be granted only after the employer confirms the contract. This process against the employer is called “approval”.

Loan for bad payers: facilitations

In addition to the sale of the fifth, the so-called bad payers can benefit from some, let’s call them, facilitations. For example:

– Loan changed for employees
This loan covers public and private employees who have a permanent contract. Part-time workers or individual company owners can not access this. Other categories of people who can not access the loan are the protestors. That said, the loan term is 36 months.

– Loan changed for self-employed persons
The requirements for this type of loan are those of 27 to 60 years and to have the VAT number for at least 3 years. They can be paid from 5 thousand to 15 thousand euros.

– The proxy loan
The proxy loan is a secured personal loan that is not aimed at purchasing a service or an asset. It is aimed at permanent employees and can be combined with the loan of the fifth transfer or other loans. Thanks to this loan, it is possible to reach a higher sum than other loans.
This loan is not granted to retirees, but only to workers who have a minimum of 6 months’ work force. The proxy loan is denominated in convenient monthly installments at a fixed rate and its maximum amount can not, by law, exceed one fifth of the applicant’s monthly salary. However, since this type of financing is supported by another loan, the same can even go to half of the paycheck.

Loan and mortgage loan

The fiduciary loan is suitable for those who have loans already underway, are reported by the banks or are protested. It is ideal for self-employed or employed under an open-ended or part-time contract, small or large-scale workers or policy holders for at least 3 years.
Finally, there is the Mortgage Loan for people of retirement age, over 65 and bad payers. This particular loan can be extinguished in a maximum of 54 months and can reach the sum of 50 thousand euros with the guarantee of the house of property.

Is it possible to cancel a protest?

Being inserted in the CRIF, or the most famous risk center, can occur automatically when, after a certain period of time, usually one year, two installments have jumped, two years if no more installments have been paid, three years if from the installment established as the last one has never been paid. Surely many debtors included in the list of “bad payers” will be asking, beyond the granting of the loan in the manner listed, if there is the possibility of canceling a protest in progress. The answer is yes.

But how is it canceled by a protest? It should be noted that, as specified above, if you are a bad payer and if we have been added to the lists, receiving a further loan really becomes a business even if the possibilities are not lacking. In order to be canceled from this inconvenient list, the payer must reimburse the cost of the previous loan including all the interest accrued by the expiry of the loan and the costs of the preliminary investigation. At this point, you will be deleted from the registry lists and there will be no further reports.

Or it is possible, however, that in your state “in red”, the wording of the payment is added. The debtor will therefore be free to apply for further financing without having any more problems with regard to reports, even later, for the same loan.

In summary, in this article we have addressed the loan for bad payers from different points of view, analyzing what may be possible solutions.


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