Launch of the Vely 12 C development framework


Vely: framework for C programmers

Vely 12, a new version of the framework for C developers, has been released.

Vely 12 brings powerful new development features, including support for JSON and Hash tables, better error handling for SQL queries, easier database usage, and much faster Regex search and replace.

— Sergio Mijatovic, Technical Director

QUEEN CREEK, AZ, USA, Sept. 14, 2022 / — Dasoftver LLC has released Vely 12, a comprehensive software development framework for the C programming language. This release brings powerful new features along with fixes of bugs and cleaner, simplified instructions.

New features include support for JSON and UTF8.

C programmers can use another new feature, hash tables, for fast storage and retrieval of data in memory.

Regex search and replace is dramatically faster thanks to Vely 12’s new caching capability.

SQL queries are simplified and easier to use with most of the functionality available in the improved run-query statement. The new on-error-exit and on-error-continue clauses allow the developer to fine-tune error handling at the statement level as well as at the application level.

Web programming has been improved with the ability to set cookies even after the HTTP header has been output and the ability to use a query string with a POST request when writing HTTP web forms.

Debugging applications has also been made faster with a new option to more easily find trace files created with an improved trace statement.

For a full set of release notes, please see the Vely 12 release notes.

To learn more about Vely, including samples and tutorials, visit the Vely website.

If you are new to Vely, try Hello World in minutes.

Sergio Mijatovic
Dasoftver LLC
+1 928-362-8688


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