Koo promotes fair use of language on its platform; takes action to make social media safer



Social media is rapidly evolving to become the preferred medium for connecting people in India, especially millennials, whose lifestyles are defined by the interconnected world and the fear of missing out (FOMO). Supported by robust internet connectivity, the number of social media users is also increasing. Today India has nearly 450 million social media users, which include digital natives and also those exploring the media for the first time and in their language of choice.

A large part of the population is just beginning to express themselves on the Internet, which requires guiding them in understanding the medium. This aims to make social media a safe place for users to come, create and consume the right kind of content. Bombinate Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the holding company of India’s multilingual microblogging platform Koo, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Central Institute of Indian Languages ​​(CIIL).

This collaboration will aim to limit online abuse, harassment and the use of offensive and obscene phrases in Indian languages, while simultaneously creating a transparent and supportive ecosystem. CIIL, which was created by the Indian government, will work in conjunction with the Koo app to strengthen its content moderation policies and help users stay safe online.

CIIL will create a body of expressions considered offensive or sensitive in 22 official Indian languages. In turn, the Koo application will share the relevant data to create the corpus and provide technological support to create interfaces that will host the corpus for public access. This is a long-term collaboration to promote responsible online behavior and a one-of-a-kind initiative in the Indian social media ecosystem.

As an inclusive platform for self-expression, the Koo app currently offers its innovative features in 10 Indian languages. Through this collaboration, the Koo app will develop a deep and nuanced understanding of the logic, grammar and context of words used in native languages, especially on social media, while simultaneously helping to identify terms and expressions. offensive that can lead to online discord and harassment.

This will improve the practice of content moderation on the microblogging platform and help users organize more engaging content in their respective languages, thus consolidating Koo’s position as the leading multilingual social media platform of India.



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