Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Instagram Body Language Looks ‘Happy’


It seems that the sun always shines in Kete-land. Seriously, whenever I think this iconic duo can’t get any cuter, they always find a way. On June 12, Kim Kardashian took to Insta to share a whole bunch of sweet and candid selfies with her comedian beau. Looks like the lovebirds enjoyed their summer by the pool and stunning scenery, as it should be. According to a body language expert, the photos indicate that “they are so happy”. BRB, in tears.

Kardashian and Davidson are ‘so happy’

Kete is the real deal and Kardashian’s adorable Insta post is proof of that. (As if we need more, LOL.) Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the most of first impressions, body language and charisma, tells Elite Daily that the selfie is the most revealing. “The first time their heads are together, they’re so happy.” She explains: “One way to say that is how they extend their neck…It’s the lifting and stretching of the neck…You go up when you’re joyful and you’re happy, and they’re at both stretching together and bringing their heads together.

Plus, their faces say it all. “Their two expressions have a playful side. You can tell they’re having fun, it’s a really good shot,” Wood says.

Kardashian and Davidson look “very intimate”

Remember when Kardashian hinted that he had “the best sex in [her] life” with the BDE poster itself? Yeah, looks like the SKIMS founder wasn’t exaggerating, according to Wood. The expert calls the second photo “very intimate and almost sexual”, adding, “He’s leaning over her so his mouth is right over hers like they’re about to kiss. I Guess if there was a photo taken after that, they’d have a backside kiss.

Looking at the photos of Kardiashian’s feet resting on Davidson’s stomach, Wood says, “They have this sexual intimacy that they want to go public.” It’s obvious to the world that they have explosive sexual chemistry, but they also seem so purely in love. “When they’re together in this picture…they’re just together alone on the planet, sort of,” Wood observes. Sigh. The Kete version of the planet has to be the most romantic destination ever.

Kevin Mazur/MG22/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kete has a playful energy

The Saturday Night Live the alum and reality TV star are genuinely happy, fluent in sexual intimacy, and good at having fun, too. So can Kete write a how-to book on relationships ASAP, please? Wood notes, “They are always touching. The feet [are] playful, but it’s also very “I command your body”. I can put my feet on your chest. It’s intimate but it also shows a bit of control of her over him. Ofc Kim K is the boss in all aspects of his life.

Overall, the expert concludes: “They are happy, they have fun together and they show a high degree of sexual intimacy and a lack of caution.” Looks like Kete stans everywhere can rest assured that their favorites are on Cloud 9 and they’re not afraid to show it off. I love seeing these two so happy!

So yeah, whenever Kardashian and Davidson want to write that book or give a little onscreen The Kardashians tutorial on how to be blissfully in love, i am available.


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