Influenced by Pop Culture and Squid Games, Korean is the Fastest Growing Language in India: Report



Influenced by pop culture, Indians between the ages of 17 and 25 are more interested in learning Korean.

Korean has risen through the ranks to become the fastest growing language, ranking fifth among the most popular languages ​​in India, a report from language learning platform Duolingo has revealed.

According to Duolingo, this increase can be attributed in part to the release of the popular television series Squid Games in 2021. At least 56% of those surveyed said they were influenced to learn a new language by pop culture trendsetters, especially movies, OTT. broadcasts and webseries.

The report noted that nearly 40 percent of respondents said they were currently studying a new language. “While the range of reasons for studying a new language is varied for Indian learners, professional and personal growth remain the primary motivations. This trend is seen across all age groups as well as in both metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities in India, ”the company said in a report titled“ Duolingo Language Report 2021 ”.

Meanwhile, 38 percent of those polled expressed interest in learning European languages, with French, Spanish and German being the top choices. “With the increasing globalization of the corporate and business sectors, it is no surprise that Indians are seeking to expand their professional boundaries by learning these globally popular languages,” the company added.

Interestingly, an equal number of respondents said they would be interested in learning English and a regional Indian language.

Fueled by the pandemic, virtual learning has taken over physical classrooms. Respondents added that they were more comfortable learning a new language from mobile apps and video tutorials. Physical classrooms are the next preferred medium of learning, followed by distance language lessons.

Earlier, in 2021, Duolingo revealed that more than 700 million hours were spent learning on the app with nearly 10 billion lessons completed and 15 billion words learned. He also revealed that 25 million people around the world are learning more than one language.

“With a young India keen to stay connected to local and global culture, we have witnessed the greatest traction on Duolingo from the 17 to 25 age range, in all languages. As Indians turn more and more to fun and effective virtual learning platforms, we look forward to further tailoring the courses to the Indian learner and meeting their language learning needs ”, said Karandeep Singh Kapany, Country Marketing Manager at Duolingo.



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