Immersive language learning game coming to iOS


Influential, the immersive language learning game from Three Flip Studios that has taught over 500,000 students new languages ​​on Steam, teaches a new generation of students on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 with new languages ​​improving program and game functionality.

Learn the written and audio vocabulary of over 20 different languages ​​the native speaker way, focusing on exposure to everyday objects in a virtual world. Play mini-games with a toy spaceship to test what you’ve learned and what you’ve retained, and track your progress with the community through the Discord integration. Learn French, Italian, and Korean for free, and purchase new language packs like Japanese and Spanish for $ 3.99 each.

Influent teaches the vocabulary and auditory reception of over 20 languages ​​by simulating the way native speakers learn: through real context exposure of nouns, verbs and adjectives, but in a virtual world. Influential doesn’t replace other language learning tools but complements them – and even adds a complete spaceship with lasers!

Walk in the shoes of Andrew Cross, inventor of the SanjigenJiten, a device that scans objects and provides their names in any language. After the CEO of Technoglobe, a big money-hungry tech company, steals his technology, Andrew is raising money on crowdfunding site Firestarter by hosting a language learning marathon broadcast live on Flinch. By mastering over 420 words in a foreign language from objects in his apartment, he will try to raise enough money to prove that it was his invention from the start!

Freely explore Andrew’s apartment, tapping on items like a pillow on a bed, fruit in a refrigerator, or a video game on a shelf to collect scattered words. Play a variety of mini-games to test these learnings and earn the five points needed to master each word. Included in these games is Seek and Destroy, where players pilot a remote controlled spaceship to find and shoot the object that matches the presented word. New sound and textural inversion modes introduce the challenge of finding words based on their audio pronunciation or textual display.

Another new feature of Influent on mobile is a revamped progress tracking system, which measures word fluency as it moves from unknown to fluent while monitoring possible failures. Discord integration allows students to share their progress with the community and help others with their learning. Long-awaited Polish, Welsh and Dutch, as well as a completely redesigned German implementation exclusively for mobile.

Influential language packs include English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Swedish, Latin, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish and Welsh.


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