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If you want access to all local networks, original series, and a Disney Hulu Live TV discount If you want unlimited DVR, sports networks and Nickelodeon YouTube TV
  • Hulu Live TV, Disney +, and ESPN package gets you access to even more content for $ 73 per month
  • More original content than most other streaming services, including award-winning shows and popular documentaries
  • Next day access to many local network shows, including those on NBC and FOX
  • You don’t have to pay extra to have unlimited DVR space on YouTube TV
  • Many sports league networks are included in the standard service, including NBA and MLB networks
  • Popular family networks including Nickelodeon and PBS are included
  • Cutting the cord makes a lot of sense to many television enthusiasts. No more switching services every time you move, dealing with outdated set-top boxes or paying for 100 channels you never watch. Hulu + Live TV (sometimes referred to simply as Hulu Live) and YouTube TV are two of the main contenders for the best streaming service.

    YouTube TV vs Hulu Live: what’s right for you? It depends on how much original content you need and how many channels you prefer. Oh, and how likely are you to maximize the space of the DVR. Read on to learn more about pricing, content, user experience, and more between streamers.

    Compare Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV plans

    Hulu Live TV YouTube TV
    Monthly price $ 65 $ 65
    Free trial duration 7 days 7 days
    Number of titles / channels 65+ 85+
    Number of simultaneous streams 2 3
    Cloud DVR Storage 50 hours Unlimited
    Offline display Yes No

    Which streaming service is right for you?

    Each streaming service has its strengths and potential drawbacks. Regarding YouTube TV vs. Hulu Live, the former excels at offering more cable networks while the latter is good at producing original shows and films. In other words, YouTube TV is best for users who want extended cable at a discount, while Hulu is great for people who want exclusive original content.

    User experience

    Hulu + Live TV

    Hulu is accessible through many devices, including up-to-date computer browsers. You can also watch on iPhone, iPad, Fire tablet, Roku, select LG TVs, using Chromecast, or Apple TV to name a few. Free mobile apps are available for smartphones using the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices.

    On-demand content is usually grouped by genre and the categories will change over time based on user behavior (in other words, they learn what you like). Users can pause content on demand and retrieve it later on any device as long as they are signed in to the same account. The Live Guide shows what is currently airing on Live TV and what will be available over the next two weeks.

    YouTube TV

    YouTube TV is also compatible with many devices. Subscribers can connect and watch content on Chromecast TVs and through dongles, AirPlay for Apple TV, Vizio Smartcast TVs, Roku, XBox, and more. You can also log into your YouTube app on a smartphone (including iPhone) and watch the live programming.

    YouTube TV has three main tabs at the top. Your DVR’s content can be found under “Library” and live on-demand shows / movies on the “Home” screen. The “Live” tab has a grid of channels. The home page opens to “Best Picks for You” where you will find recommended programs based on your past viewing habits.


    Hulu + Live TV

    Hulu not only recommends programming based on what you’ve already watched, but it also lets you create up to six unique profiles. In each profile, the viewer can “favor” shows and movies. This helps Hulu provide more accurate recommendations and allows users to keep track of what items they access frequently. You can also “Like” or “Dislike” an on-demand program on the platform for even more customization. If you don’t like something, you won’t receive similar programs that often.

    YouTube TV

    YouTube TV also allows accounts to have up to six separate accounts. profiles under what they call a “family group”. User monitoring history and DVR library are not shared with other profiles on the account. Like Hulu Live, YouTube TV opens with program recommendations filled with on-demand content. You can also add favorite channels so that they are easier to find in the future.


    Hulu + Live TV

    • SHOWTIME on Hulu costs $ 11 per month and unlocks championship boxing shows, movies, and matches.

    • Users can add additional unlimited screens for $ 10 per month. This is good for homes where more than two users want to stream content on the same Internet network.

    • For $ 5 per month, users can purchase the Español add-on and access channels such as ESPN Deportes and Discovery Familia.

    YouTube TV

    • The Entertainment Plus supplement costs $ 30 per month on YouTube TV and includes HBO Max, STARZ, and Showtime. This package is ideal for moviegoers.

    • YouTube also offers a Sports Plus supplement for $ 11 per month. This add-on for sports fans includes NFL RedZone, FOX College Sports, GOLTV and more.

    • For an additional $ 25 per month, you can also add on YouTube TV to your plan. You’ll get ad-free programming and be able to watch all regular season games outside of your region.

    Hulu is good for content enthusiasts who want foreign language content, original shows, and the ability to add additional channels for a small fee. YouTube TV could be better for sports fans. YouTube TV has more sports channels included in the standard coverage and offers even more coverage through the sports supplement.


    Hulu + Live TV

    Hulu Live is great for many cable cutters, but it charges extra for a reasonable amount of DVR space. Without the add-on, users only have 50 hours of recording space. The platform also has fewer channels included in the standard service than many of its competitors, despite an impressive catalog of original content on demand.

    YouTube TV

    YouTube TV also has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. For one thing, there is no option of unlimited screens. This may be limited for large families. Additionally, DVR content can only be recorded for up to nine months – you cannot record your favorite rom-coms indefinitely. Finally, the platform does not offer foreign language channels like most streamers do through an add-on.

    Our last take

    People who like original content and don’t need to record all of the things are best suited for Hulu Live. Sports fans and people looking for unlimited DVR space can choose YouTube TV. Both platforms offer access to local networks, so this factor is a washout. Globally, Hulu + Live TV has more quality content, while YouTube TV has a more robust default live TV package.


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