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Learning and Teaching for International and Vulnerable Students

International students starting or returning in 2022/23 visa requirements

Students living outside the UK

You are expected to be available to attend on-campus teaching in the UK from your course start date. If students cannot arrive and register on the dates shown on their CAS, they should contact our Student Immigration team at as soon as possible.

Students already living in the UK

The UK government has confirmed that international students who hold student visas to study here are not permitted to continue distance learning elsewhere in the UK.

Students already in the UK are required to attend their studies in person (including participating in face-to-face academic activity). If students in the UK do not attend or participate in a scheduled face-to-face academic activity, universities will be required to remove the sponsorship from their visa.

International students must follow UK Home Office visa regulations and it is important that students plan their travel and accommodation arrangements.

See more information on visa requirements.

Vulnerable students

If you are part of a vulnerable group and have concerns about coming to campus, or if restrictions in your home country currently do not allow you to travel, please let us know as soon as possible . Please contact your faculty so that we can understand your situation and discuss options. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your visa status, please email:

Support your learning

  • The best way to support your learning is to engage in your studies, prepare for and attend your classes, and get to know your teachers, tutors, and fellow students.
  • In addition to on-campus teaching, you will learn through our virtual learning environment, Canvas. It is a supportive, inclusive and active learning space. You will be guided through the materials and activities in your module, to help you stay on track. Most live teaching sessions (online or on campus) will be recorded using “Replay”, so you can use these recordings to catch up and review.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available on campus and laptops can be borrowed from the library. All students have free access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite, which we use to teach, study and communicate.
  • We offer a range of academic and digital skills workshops to help you get started with our student learning services. New students can access the workshop series as soon as they register at the University. They also have access to Stirling Essentials, a module to help you transition to study at the University of Stirling.
  • The library and study area are open and many students are choosing to study in our amazing new Campus Center space. Each zone offers collaborative spaces, PCs and quiet corners. You’ll have free access to approximately 500,000 e-books and e-journals, minimizing the need to purchase books and giving you access to books and journals wherever you want to work. Playlists for each module will be available through Canvas.
  • Extracurricular activities such as subject-focused student societies, employability events, and reading groups will all take place on campus, with some events online.

Choice of modules

  • Module choices and registration will be available from August 22 (undergraduate) and August 29 (postgraduate) to help you plan your studies and the teaching calendar will also be available in August, so you can plan your time.
  • Canvas, our virtual learning environment, which contains your learning materials and through which you will study, will also open before the start of the semester so that you can familiarize yourself with the materials and book tutorial and seminar slots. tailored to your needs.
  • To arrange a one-on-one meeting with a teacher, contact your faculty administrator.

Individual assistance

  • Your speakers and tutors will be there to answer questions, lead activities and support you. Whether you’re on campus or online, feedback and support are available every step of the way.
  • All teaching staff have regular weekly sessions to offer individual feedback and any support needed. These are available by phone, online or face to face. You will be assigned a personal tutor who will support you and point out any additional support required.
  • The Student Learning Services (SLS) Canvas site offers useful advice and information on study skills. SLS also provides study skills guidance and assistance through quick query emails and bookable tutorials (virtual and email). To book, students should contact
  • Student Support Services are also available to offer support and advice on a range of issues, including wellbeing, finances, and accessibility and inclusion support.
  • The information center (library and IT requests) is accessible through UniDesk (linked from your student portal) and the university’s student application.
  • Stirling Students’ Union is there to offer advice and support to students.

Support for international students

If you are an international student there are additional sessions during the initiation to help you adjust to life at the University of Stirling, details will be available on our welcome website in the weeks leading up to the semester . These include:

  • Academic Expectations at the University of Stirling: This session provides an introduction to academic work at Stirling. It teaches you what to expect and how it might be different from your previous international experience.
  • Living in Stirling: You will receive practical help and advice, including support in understanding English documents (police registration/municipal tax/bank letters, etc.).
  • Scottish culture: This section examines Scottish culture and the wider community. This promotes extracurricular activities and will help you settle in and feel included at the University. There is also a session on Scottish vocabulary.

Help in learning English

After the initiation, you benefit from continuous support in English during your studies.

Contact details of the faculty secretariat

Use the details provided to contact your faculty administrator:

Faculty of Letters and Humanities

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences

Stirling School of Management

Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences

Health Sciences:

To find out which faculty you belong to, see the list of courses here.


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