How to Use Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode


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Check how to use Google Assistant’s interpreter mode

Google Assistant has a variety of useful features to help you on a day-to-day basis, but you may not have tried interpreter mode before. Google first introduced Google Assistant interpreter mode at CES 2019. Since then, the feature has rolled out to Android and iOS phones, as well as Google Assistant’s range of smart devices and displays. In interpreter mode, you can ask Google Assistant to translate your conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your language. With any device that supports the Google Assistant, you can use this feature to chat with someone who speaks a foreign language, all using just your voice.

Just ask the Google Assistant to help you have a conversation in a language. For example, you can say “Hello Google, be my Spanish interpreter” to initiate interpreter mode and be spoken (or written translated on smart displays) in real time to support the conversation. The interpreter mode is already present on your phone; No app download required. It also offers various forms of communication. For example, you can type on a keyboard or manually select the language to speak, then have an audible conversation. After each translation, the Google Assistant can provide smart responses, allowing you to respond quickly without speaking.

How to Use Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode

Open Google Assistant on your phone by saying “Ok Google” or opening the dedicated app. You can also open the Google app and tap the language button in the search bar. To start interpreter mode, just say “Hey Google, be my interpreter for Russian” or whatever language you want your translation in.

  • Just start with the ubiquitous command: “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. After that, just tell the wizard which languages ​​you want to translate from.
  • If you want it to translate from your phone’s language (let’s say it’s English) to another, you can say “Be my French interpreter” or “Be my French translator”.
  • The good thing is that it can also be two completely different languages ​​than your device. You just need to specify that: “Be my interpreter from Spanish into Cambodian”, for example.
  • Google Assistant will show a screen.
    • This will encourage you to speak in one of the two languages.
  • It is also important to consider the bottom of the screen. This is where you will find out how interpreter mode can work.
  • Auto will simply find out what you and your partner are saying and translate it in real time. However, not only that; it will even provide automatic suggestions on what to say next.
  • The manual will allow you to select the microphone for each language, for greater precision.
  • The keyboard is exactly the same as the manual, but requires you to type instead of speak.
  • Whichever mode you decide to use, it has to be said that the feature does a pretty good job.
    • But what if you use your smartphone’s interpreter mode a lot for a certain language? Let’s just say that for some reason saying that whole command isn’t something you like to do. Google has also thought of this. Simply say the command corresponding to the desired language (for example: “OK Google, be my French translator”) and press the button located on the right of the screen.
  • After that, just confirm that you want a shortcut to the interpreter mode in the respective language and you’re good to go. It will be placed on your home screen.

Final Words: How to Use Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode

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