How to set up the new Google Nest Smart Speaker 2022 Tip


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Check how to set up the new Google Nest smart speaker

Let’s call this your set of standard output functions. This is why smart speakers became popular in the first place, and these are the types of actions the average user is most likely to do, like setting a timer or alarm, controlling smart home devices, listen to music and create events. of calendar. After downloading the Home app, follow the instructions to, for example, integrate your favorite music streaming service or enable voice control of smart home devices. It works with any device running Android 6.0 or later, or iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 or later. Please note that a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network connection is required. WPA-2 corporate networks do not work. Also, Bluetooth must be enabled on the phone. Once plugged in, you have to wait at least 45 seconds for it to fully power up and be ready to connect to the app.

This is because the AI ​​used by Google Assistant is designed to understand how people speak and adapt to variations in commands. Unlike any other form of computing, the conversational interface, if done well, should require no training. So ask. You also need to set up Voice Match if you have multiple people in your household and want to do things like ask what’s on your personal calendar or add an event to your calendar. Voice Match works for up to six household members.

connect the device

First, plug your Google Home device into a power outlet. There is no power button on Google Home. So as long as it’s plugged into an outlet, it will automatically turn on. Wait a few minutes until it turns on, then it will start searching for your phone to connect. Prepare your phone so you know when you’re ready to sync.

Download the Google Home app

Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android, you can find the Google Home app on the App Store or Google Play. If prompted, agree to enable location permissions, as this will make it easier for the device to report accurate local weather, notify you of the location of the nearest Walgreens, and more. Make sure your smartphone is connected to your home Wi-Fi This allows Google Home to access your network information.

Sign in with Google and sync your device

If you already have a Gmail address, great: enter it. If you don’t already have one, go to on your laptop or smartphone to create a new account. Once connected, open your Google Home app and wait a moment to get your bearings. Typically, the Google Home app will say something like “New device detected” or “Set up device” at this point. Select this notification to get started. If you don’t see the notification, select the plus sign on the home screen and select Configure device to launch the app.

A series of numbers will appear on your hub and phone screens, and these numbers should match. Select Yes to verify that these numbers match and that you are connecting the correct device. Choose the room you want to place the device in and you are ready to connect. You may also be prompted to enter your physical address for the device if you haven’t already. Be sure to set your Google Home device’s location, as you’ll need it for things like local weather forecasts, traffic conditions, and commute times.

Customize and connect accounts

voice match

Voice Match can recognize your voice and distinguish it from various other voices. This is a great feature if multiple people in the household use the Google device and have their own Google Accounts. However, it does mean that Google will collect additional information about you that some people may want to pass on.

Musical performances:

Your devices can connect to services like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, etc. Connect all the music services you use so your Home/Nest device can play them.

Video services:

If you have a Google device with a screen, like the Nest Hub, you also need to connect any video services it has. Supported video services include Netflix, CW, CBS, HBO Max, Hulu, Flex, YouTube, Viki, Crackle, Red Bull, Starz, and Google Play Movies and TV.

Google Duo:

Some Google devices can make phone or video calls. Home will ask you if you want to set up this service through Google Duo.

Google Photos:

If you have a device with a screen, Home will ask if you want to connect your Google Photos account so it can show slideshows of your photos. This gives your device extra use, and even if you don’t use Google Photos, you can still choose to link to general images from Google’s art gallery. Other customization options are also available.

Set your preferences

To fully customize your Google Home device, tap the menu button on the left side of the app, then tap Account Settings. This will take you to a range of optional features offered by the Google Assistant, allowing you to make the device unique to suit your lifestyle. If you go to Settings > More settings > Assistant, you can change your assistant language or add an additional language.

By tapping News, then Customize, you can choose which news sources you want Google Home to get when you read the news. Whether you’re an NPR junkie, an NBC News fan, or a Fox News fanatic, feel free to switch sources as you see fit. When you say “OK Google, listen to the news”, your Google Home device displays a personalized news bulletin based on your preferences.

Change how the Google Assistant calls you

If you scroll down to Personal Info in the app, you’ll see a place where you can change your nickname, and you can even teach Google Assistant how to pronounce it correctly. So whether you want the voice assistant to call you “Madam”, “Governor” or “Mary Poppins”, your wish is command of your Google Home device.

Final words: How to set up the new Google Nest smart speaker

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