How to learn a new language while surfing the Internet with Toucan


Toucan is an online tool that helps you learn a new language while browsing the Internet. Here’s all you need to know.

Learn the language with Toucan

It can be difficult for you to devote time despite your busy schedule to learning a new language.

Knowing a foreign language often helps develop a career or get new business from foreign clients. Language learning based on navigation is becoming popular. Toucan is one such application that allows you to master a foreign language when you visit multiple websites.

In this article, we will explain how you can use Toucan to learn a new language without compromising productivity at work.

What is Toucan and how can you download it?

Toucan is an educational technology platform. It allows you to learn a new language while continuing your usual daily navigation on the website. When you visit a website, the app automatically converts certain words from the website content into the language you are learning.

Toucan is a browser extension for the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. You can add it for free by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Toucan website to get the browser extension.

  2. You will see a button of Add to Chrome for free, Add to Safari for free, or depending on your web browser.

    An image showing where to click to get the Toucan tool

  3. Click this button to visit the store where the tool is available. In this tutorial, it’s the Chrome Web Store.

  4. Click on Add to Chrome, to install the extension in the browser.

    A visual showing the installation of the Chrome extension

  5. Once the extension is installed, you will see a prompt to choose the language you want to learn.

    A visualization of the Toucan language selection

  6. Then you need to allow background work while surfing the web.

    Allow web browser access for the Toucan app

  7. After allowing access, you will see another prompt to create an account or register using Google.

  8. Now click on the Extension icon on Chrome. It is available in the upper right corner.

  9. You will see the Toucan extension. Click on the Pin next to pin the tool to your web browser.

    A visual to pin Toucan to the browser

  10. That’s it! Toucan is now active on your computer.

How does Toucan help you learn languages?

The tool immerses you in the language you are trying to learn when you visit websites. So you can practice a new word in any language in the context of the content. You will also learn how words fit into sentences and when to use them.

When you visit a website, Toucan will highlight certain words. These highlighted words are translations from English to a foreign language, such as Spanish. An AI program will continue to change words based on your pace of learning.

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The tool helps you learn new words or a new language through flashcards. You can also save words in your personal dictionary provided by Toucan. To record a word:

  1. Click on the to safeguard icon by hovering over a translation.

    Image showing saving words in Toucan

  2. A gold dictionary icon appears in the lower right corner.

    A visual showing how to access the Toucan dictionary

  3. Click on it to see your dictionary.

Personalized learning via mini-games

You can further improve language learning by playing Toucan mini-games. These games are tailored to your personal learning goals. To access these mini-games:

  1. Access any Wikipedia pages.

  2. You will see a banner with the Toucan logo and a button saying Let’s train.

  3. Click on the button to access a minigame tailor-made for you.

a visual showing Toucan setting up mini-games

Vocabulary quiz

Toucan is an ideal tool for practicing new words or languages ​​on the spot. Here’s how to increase your vocabulary with Toucan quizzes:

  1. Hover over any highlighted word and click Practice.

  2. The tool will guide you through practices such as listening, writing, and speaking.

  3. After practicing a word and checking it as I know it, you can activate quizzes for that word or phrase.

You can also view your daily and total progress from the Toucan app dashboard. To check the progress:

  1. Click on the Toucan extension.

    Check learning progress on Toucan

  2. Now select the Progress in the lower left corner of the tool interface.

Claim a word

Toucan offers the possibility of claiming words. This is another way to make your learning sessions more interactive. To claim any word:

  1. Hover over any translated word.

    An image showing how to claim words in Toucan

  2. If the word can be claimed, you will see Tap here to claim it connect. Click on it.

    A snapshot of the toucan claim word shape

  3. Submit the form that appears to claim your word.

The fun way to learn languages

Now that you know how to use Toucan to learn a new language without getting distracted by your work, it’s time to put it into practice. You will quickly realize that it is an interesting way to learn a new language.

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