How to Install Different Keyboards on the Amazon Kindle


The range of Kindle readers with e-paper screens is ideal for reading digital books. Turning pages with touch interactions is easy to do, but what about keyboards? Keyboards are used to enter Internet addresses in the experimental browser or to write notes. What if you don’t want to use the default language or want to switch to another language? This tutorial will teach you how to do it.

There are many reasons why you would want to install a different keyboard. Sometimes you register your Kindle with your normal account, but you live in another country where your family members speak another language and you want to share your Kindle with them. Maybe you made a mistake creating a new Kindle account and got stuck in a language you don’t even understand. There are many reasons why you would install a different keyboard layout on your E INK drive.

To change the keyboard, click on the 3 dots next to the search bar on the home screen. Go to settings and visit language and dictionary. Below the languages ​​will be keyboards. There will be some pages of keyboards for you to download and install, such as Arabic, Chinese, Danish, French, UK English, US English, Spanish, French, Hindi and many others. If you want to remove an installed keyboard, click the little box. You can also have more than one dictionary installed.

To switch between keyboards, open an ebook, long press on a word and click on the note. When the keyboard appears, you can click the little globe button next to the space bar and switch between different keyboards.


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