How to get Google Live Translate feature on any Pixel phone


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Check out how to get Google Live Translate feature on any Pixel phone

Live Translate is one of the best features in Pixel 6 that can help users effectively bridge the language gap. While Live Translate is currently exclusive to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, there is a simple workaround (via Mishaal Rahman) to make it work on any Pixel device. The process involves downloading the Android system intelligence of the Pixel 6 to your current Pixel device. In this article, we have covered the steps required to get Live Translate on any Pixel phone.

Get live translation on any Pixel phone

  • You will need the Pixel 6 Android System Intelligence APK to get this functionality on your Pixel phone. You can visit this link to download the app from APKMirror. Click “Download APK” and press “OK” to save the file.
  • Open the downloaded Android System Intelligence APK file and press the “Update” button at the installer prompt for the package installer.
  • After that, open the Settings app on your Pixel device, scroll down and select “System”. Under System Settings, choose “Live Translation”.
  • Activate the option “Use live translation” and press “Add language” to choose the languages ​​you want to use with this handy feature.
  • While there are a ton of languages ​​to choose from, not all of them will support the same live translation features on Pixel phones. For example, messaging and camera are supported in Hindi, while camera is only supported in Tamil. Therefore, you will need to check which features are supported in the languages ​​you want to use before downloading them.
  • Once you have set the languages, you will see a “Translate to” button. “in supported apps. You can then touch it to translate messages to any languages ​​you want. For example, I translated a message from English to Hindi here.

Final Words: How To Get Google Live Translate Feature On Any Pixel Phone

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