How to Change Game Launch Settings in GOG Galaxy


If you love playing games on your Windows 11/10 PC with mods or custom settings, you’re in luck. GOG Galaxy lets you link multiple executables to any game and add your own launch settings. Let’s see how to fix Settings for launching a game in GOG Galaxy.

Change settings or game launch options in GOG Galaxy

Previously, we covered a tutorial guiding users on how to change the game language in GOG Galaxy. Going further, we will now learn how to set launch settings for any game in GOG Galaxy.

  1. Launch GOG GALAXY on your PC.
  2. Select Customize.
  3. Choose Manage Installation > Configure.
  4. Enable launch settings.
  5. Select Duplicate.
  6. Add the arguments you want to run your game with.
  7. Edit label > OK.
  8. Check if the Additional Executables section has been added.

Here are some important news that you might find useful! You can use GOG Galaxy as a universal game launcher and connect other game accounts like Play Station, Steam, Xbox and more.

Open the GOG Galaxy launcher.

Select the desired game. Tap the Customize button located in the upper right corner of the game screen.

From the list of options displayed, choose the Manage the installation > Configure option.

Set launch parameters

Then scroll down to locate the Launch Settings title. Once found, check the box next to Custom executables/arguments header to enable launch settings.

Click on the Duplicate link (colored in purple). Here, make sure you don’t change ‘File 2‘ but add the arguments you want to run your game with, for example: -force-opengl

Also change the label to something that looks more practical.

Add executables

When you are finished, press the Agreed button. Now, to confirm that the changes have been updated, go back to the Personalization option and check if the Additional executables section finds an entry there.

If you are not using GOG GALAXY, you can still set the game launch settings. For this, go to the game’s installation folder. Its location can be found as follows –


Change settings or game launch options in GOG Galaxy

Once in there, right click on Launch and select the Properties option. Under the Properties window, go to Shortcut tongue. Then add the required parameter at the end of the Target field following the example: –force-opengl.

Hit it Agreed button to apply the settings. Thereafter, you can start the game using the modified shortcut.

Hope that helps!

How to install the GOG launcher?

It’s quite simple. Just visit and download the installer from there. Then just launch it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. It doesn’t take a lot of time!

Can I play GOG games on Mac?

Yes, it is possible since the digital distributor now also sells games for Mac. Just buy a game and install it on your computer. It does not require any activation or online connection. Currently, GOG has 50 games available for Mac.

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