How to Change Default “New Folder” Name in Windows 11 2022


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Check how to change the default name of “New Folder” in Windows 11

The new folder in Windows 10 is called “New Folder” by default. The user has the option of renaming a new folder when it is created or renaming it later, but a folder cannot be anonymous. It is a default folder name. When several new folders are created and the user does not change their names, a number is added at the end of each folder to distinguish it from the others. The default name remains the same, i.e. New Folder. New Folder is a reasonable default name for a folder, but if you need to use another default folder name, you can change it by editing the Windows Registry.

How to change the default name of the new folder in the registry

  • In Windows 10, if you want to change the folder name, you will need to change it in the Windows Registry. However, before we get into that, we ask you to make sure that whenever you edit your Windows registry, you pay attention to every change you make. Indeed, any incorrect modification can potentially damage your computer.
  • However, we want to assure you here that our guide will ensure that you do not face any problems. Be sure to follow our instructions very carefully so you don’t go wrong! So let’s get started! Press Windows + R keys. The Run box would instantly open towards the left corner of the screen; In the text box that you would see in the Run box, type “regedit” and hit enter. Conversely, if you want to launch from the start menu, click on the start menu. In the options that open, type “regedit” in the search part, then press Enter.
  • Once the registry editor is open, click on “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”, then “SOFTWARE”, then “Microsoft”, then “Windows”, here choose “CurrentVersion” and finally “Explorer”. Well, if you can’t find the options, you can put the following path in the address box:


  • Now that you are in the explorer, select the “NamingTemplates” directory under the explorer in the left pane. If you don’t see the directory, right-click the directory in Explorer, then select New, and from the options, select Key. When creating the new key, make sure the name you give this key is “Name Templates”.
  • Now select “Name Patterns” from the left panel. A blank screen will appear: right-click anywhere on the blank screen. From the options drop down select New, then again from the options select String Value. Name the string value as “RenameNameTemplate”, then press Enter.
  • Double-click on the “RenameNameTemplate” you just created and open it. An “Edit Channel” window will appear on the screen. In the text field under Value data, enter the text you want to use as the new default folder name. For example, you might want all folders to be “New Folder Created” instead of “My New Folder” which is the default setting. Once you are done, click the OK button.
  • Close the Registry Editor window. After you complete the above process, each time you open a new folder, the folder name will be the one you just set. This means you can now rename your default folder if needed. Now that you have a perfect idea on how to change the default name of a new folder, you can certainly change it at any time.
  • It should be mentioned here that previous changes that were meant to apply only to folders would also be reflected in other files. If you are creating a text file, the file name will likely be the same with a different extension. To make sure you don’t end up with these issues, be sure to put “%s” after the new folder text in the string value.
  • That “%s” you enter would help ensure the files are named as they were originally and just add whatever text you chose as the default.

you use the current date as the default name for new folders

  • Now that you know exactly how to change the default folder name. You might want to name each new folder with the current date mainly if you are someone who likes to organize folders by dates. In this section, we will try to make sure that you won’t face any issues while trying the same thing.
  • Again, we will try to help you with the steps you need and ask you to follow them strictly so that you do not have any problems with your system.
  • Before we even start the configuration, we need to make sure that the date format is required. Indeed, you can only use the date with hyphens as separators. So let’s start with that.
  • Click on the Start menu. In the search button, type “Settings” and click Enter. Open Settings. If you like shortcuts, the shortcut for settings is Windows + i.
  • In the settings menu, click on the “Time and language” option. Once this option is open, select the “Region” section, which is on the left side. Once you click on “Region”, you will get a window with “Change Data Formats” option. Here, now select the date format which comes with hyphens. You are now ready to start changing the default names of your folders.
  • Press the Windows key + r on your keyboard. The run box would appear at the bottom left. Just like the first process, you’ll need to type “regedit” and hit enter. Instead, you can open it through the search box, which is present on the Start button.
  • Now that you are in Registry Editor, click on “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT” from here, select “Directory” and finally “shell”. You can also copy and paste the following address into the address bar:


  • Right-click on the directory, “shell”, then select New; In the options, select “Key” and enter the name of the key as “Folder” and save it.
  • Now you will need to right-click on the “Folder” key and then select New again. From the options, select Key again. The key name should be “command” and save the key.
  • Select the “command” key you just created and present in the left bar. Then double-click “Default” in the right panel. The Edit Channel box would open.
  • In the Edit String dialog box that opens, edit the text box in the “Value data” field as follows, then click “OK”:

cmd.exe /c md “%1/%%DATE%%”

Final Words: How to Change the Default Name of “New Folder” in Windows 11

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