How to Add Name Pronunciation to LinkedIn Profile


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Check how to add name pronunciation to LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has added a new audio option for name pronunciation. If it really bothers you when people mispronounce your name or other people misspell your name, then this update is for you. Using the LinkedIn mobile app, go to your profile and click Edit or tap the “Add name pronunciation” prompt when visiting your own profile. You will access the app’s audio recorder, where you can say whatever you want.

Recording is limited to 10 seconds and LinkedIn advises users to “speak slowly and pronounce each syllable clearly” and to “hold the phone about four inches from your mouth”. Once recorded, a small audio icon will appear next to your name in the app (currently not available on desktop).

Why it’s important to share the pronunciation of your name

  • Names are important because they reflect a person’s identity, history and experiences. Proper pronunciation of names not only allows people to appreciate each other, but also broadens people’s perspectives on language and cultural differences.
  • In many ways, pronouncing a name correctly is a reflection of care and respect, which is always a great way to increase your reach on LinkedIn. So, if you’re wondering how to add pronunciation to your LinkedIn profile, here’s how.

Steps to add your name pronunciation to your LinkedIn profile

  • To add your name pronunciation to your LinkedIn profile, open the LinkedIn app on your mobile phone. Next, view your LinkedIn profile by tapping on your profile picture and selecting View Profile.
  • In Introduction, tap Edit > Add name pronunciation. If this is your first time adding your name pronunciation, a pop-up may appear asking you to allow the LinkedIn app to access your device’s microphone.
  • Then press and hold the record button to record yourself by saying your name. Once you are happy with your registration, select Apply. Finally, confirm your registration by pressing Save.

Last words: how to add the pronunciation of a name to a LinkedIn profile

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