FSU Kicker Whiffing on Worst Indoor Kick Ever is Funniest in Russian



  • Saturday’s Bowl Eligibility Bowl between Florida and the State of Florida had it all.
  • The best moment of the game, however, came at the last minute when a kicker completely sniffed out an in-play kick attempt.
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Florida State did its best to make a fourth quarter comeback against Florida. He came very close but ended up hilariously failing and losing by threes.

After scoring a touchdown to make the match 24-21, the Seminoles lined up to try to get the ball back. What happened next was the worst in-game kick ever, if you can even call it a kick.

He breathed. Wrong. Very, very badly.

Redshirt junior Parker Grothaus took his approach, stepped into the kick and swung his dominant leg towards the ball. The only problem was that his foot was completely over the top and didn’t even come close to clear contact with football.

Despite his better impression of Charlie Brown, it was ruled that the tip of Grothaus’ toe had made contact with the tip of the ball. Barely.

Because the kick failed, Florida took over. The Gators knelt down and won the game, reaching bowl eligibility with a victory in the rivalry in the State.

The whole sequence was hilarious. But it was even funnier when called in a foreign language.

On the Russian Sunshine State Showdown, the announcers couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. It’s pure gold, listen:

Russian TV makes everything funnier and it was hilarious at first. Thank you for giving us this wonderful treat, Florida State.


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